Translation of waterfront in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈwɔdərˌfrənt//ˈwɔːtəfrʌnt//ˈwɑdərˌfrənt/


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    (beside lake, river)
    zona de una ciudad que bordea un lago o río
    (offices/home) (before noun) a orillas del lago
    (home/offices) (before noun) a orillas del río
    • Those picturesque Eastern European capitals with their glistening waterfronts and their pretty mediaeval old towns and their flat taxes are the new centre.
    • For a truly colonial feel visit the Old Courthouse Restaurant on the waterfront.
    • His vision includes the development and revitalisation of the neglected waterfront of the River Foyle.
    • The Town of Digby wants to develop a waterfront property as a Fishermen's Memorial.
    • We are a harbour city, yet we are cut off from the waterfront by a six-lane road.
    • The edge of the ship channel is one of the most attractive sites for housing on the whole waterfront.
    • For some years now, Dublin's quays and waterfronts have been in the process of vigorous urban redevelopment.
    • The walk took her from the quay, through the town centre and back to the waterfront.
    • Taking my drink and bag of food, I go to eat my meal at the waterfront and drink in the taste of my home town.
    • On the way to work this morning I noticed the statue of Sir Thomas More sitting in his nice waterfront gardens in Chelsea.
    • The light was so gentle over the river, and the thronging crowds at the waterfront were so colourful.
    • The office and the accommodation are a few hundred metres back from the harbour along the waterfront road.
    • Much of this passed through the waterfront markets and industrial tenements of Dublin into the Irish interior.
    • What's more, the altered flow of water has induced booms to sprout up all along a world of new lake waterfronts and tributaries provided by the enormous expanding upstream pool of liquid.
    • Even as waterfront property is today prized above all other, until the 1960s urban waterfronts were primarily industrial, brutal, and cheap.
    • Look at similar cities with a waterfront, a similar business profile and comparable population.
    • Hop on at Queen's pier and sail out for a few beers or supper at one of the waterfront restaurants.
    • Arisaig proper greets you after a few more turns in the road, with a small waterfront looking out across a muddy harbour.
    • They are unique and striking designs that - even if never built - should inspire cities on how to reuse their industrial waterfronts.
    • Enjoy a long late lunch here on the deck of the Horizons waterfront restaurant.
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    muelles masculine