Translation of wave in Spanish:


ola, n.

Pronunciation /weɪv//weɪv/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of water)

      ola feminine
      to ride the waves surcar los mares literary
      • to make waves hacer olas
      • Huge waves slammed into the shores of remote, north-east coast village two weeks ago, destroying its thriving fishing industry.
      • As a large wave approaches the shore, the two take off in a race for the beach.
      • Just listen to the song of the lark, the lapping of the waves on the shore.
      • The only sound she could hear was the ocean waves crashing down on the sand.
      • More remarkably, fish actually emerge from the ocean, riding high waves onto shore to spawn on the sandy beaches.
      • The waves climb up the shore only to retreat back to their haven.
      • We went to the beach and watched the dull grey waves slam the white shore.
      • It's high tide, so the sea in its surfeit doesn't pound itself against the shore but sends its waves softly like gulls gliding.
      • We waded near the shore and the waves would come and knock her over.
      • The image of a pristine island - azure waves lapping at the shore, palm trees silhouetted in the setting sun - is synonymous with paradise.
      • It was the voices of a thousand songbirds, of waves lapping against the shore, and of a pack of wolves, mourning the loss of their leader.
      • While the guys attempted to body surf the waves, the girls laid out on the sand to tan.
      • Above him, sea birds wheeled and called and although he couldn't see a beach, he could hear the gentle wash of waves on the shore.
      • The sound of the waves breaking on the shore is a fine way to fall asleep.
      • As he posed for photographs near the shore a huge wave knocked him from his perch and almost carried him out to sea.
      • Its job is to return to the sea the water that comes to shore with the breaking waves.
      • I remembered the young soldier on the cliff top standing with me in silence as we looked down at the peaceful waves lapping the shore beneath us.
      • A calmer Maracas Bay enticed these men into its waters yesterday, even though two days before bathers scampered for safety as massive waves crashed on the shore.
      • The waves hammering the shore cause the bulk of the damage in a hurricane landfall.
      • He had anticipated this move though for as soon as she broke the surface a wave of water hit her.

    • 1.2(in hair)

      onda feminine
      she has a natural wave to her hair tiene el pelo naturalmente ondulado
      • Her hair had a slight wave to it from it always being in a ponytail.
      • We finger-styled Tamara's hair fresh out of the shower, coaxing out the natural wave in her otherwise pin-straight hair.
      • It ‘gave a rotundity to my person, a wave and curl to my hair, and perhaps led me to fancy pictorial illustration and flaming colours’.
      • Standing at well over six feet, he had long, dark hair with a slight wave to it that just brushed his shoulders.
      • It is straight and flat with no curl, but may have a slight wave.
      • Her hair was white-blonde with a slight wave and she had sky blue eyes.
      • Her long dark blonde hair had a natural wave and hung half to her waist.
      • I have a slight wave in my hair so it looks choppy when it is roughly cut.
      • He was clean shaven, had dark hair which was around one-and-a-half inches long with a slight wave, and was wearing a black hooded top with black jeans.
      • They had styled my hair by blowing it out straight so that even the ends were perfect without any of my natural wave or curl.
      • Sure, my outfit was great and my hair held a natural wave that I didn't want to mess with.
      • Applied to wet hair, it stretches out the wave to mimic the texture of relaxed hair.

    • 1.3Physics

      onda feminine

  • 2

    (surge, movement)
    oleada feminine
    a wave of revolutionary fervor una oleada de fervor revolucionario
    • a wave of nausea came over him le vinieron náuseas
    • there has been a wave of attacks ha habido una oleada de asaltos
    • The upward tendency in arms exports has generated a new wave of company mergers, especially in the aerospace industry.
    • Their plans sent the first wave of bright-eyed immigrants back to Palestine in 1881.
    • Plans to lift prices earlier this year were postponed after a wave of protests.
    • Waves of energy arrive, waves upon waves of sadness, of despair.
    • The immigration waves that have shaped so much of the city's personality have created a series of villages.
    • This latest wave of violence is being looked at very closely.
    • The United States also pledged $350m to help tsunami victims, a tenfold increase over its first wave of aid.
    • And this latest wave of complaints about the behavior won't be the last.
    • In a dynamic, innovative economy, these forces unleash waves upon waves of change.
    • Kris burst into a fresh wave of sobs as she collapsed in Mike's arms.
    • Waves of immigrants began to flow into Mauritania in the third century AD.
    • Momentum was increased by a fresh wave of Russian pogroms in 1903.
    • After the mid-19th century there was a wave of mass migration of poor Europeans to North America, and to other colonies, such as Brazil and South Africa.
    • But I'll tell you, it hasn't stopped this wave of illegal immigration.
    • It was a scene repeated at polling stations across America last week as an unprecedented wave of early voting signalled a potentially sharp rise in overall turnout.
    • So will one the features of this new age - in addition to the welcome growth in sexual openness - be a terrible wave of increased sexual assaults?
    • Less restraint was shown in bygone days, when shark attacks sometimes inspired mass waves of indiscriminate killing.
    • Discussions with school officials indicate that waves of immigration differ for the ethnic groups.
    • But the enduring depression led to a wave of negative equity.
    • Did you never wonder what these sudden waves of mass hysteria were about?
  • 3

    he silenced them with a wave of his hand los hizo callar con un gesto de la mano
    • she gave them a wave les hizo adiós/los saludó con la mano

transitive verb

  • 1

    (shake, swing)
    (handkerchief/flag) agitar
    she waved her hand sadly hizo adiós con la mano, llena de tristeza
    • to wave sth in the air agitar algo en el aire
    • stop waving those papers under my nose! ¡deja de restregarme esos papeles por las narices!
    • to wave sth around agitar algo
    • she waved her stick at them los amenazó agitando su bastón en el aire / blandiendo su bastón
    • smiling, she waved the letter at him sonriente, le enseñaba la carta agitándola en el aire
    • to wave goodbye hacer adiós con la mano
    • she waved him goodbye le hizo adiós con la mano
  • 2

    I was waved to one side me apartó con un gesto
    • the policeman waved us on el policía nos hizo señas para / de que siguiéramos adelante
  • 3

    (hair) marcar
    (hair) ondular
    I had my hair waved me marqué / me ondulé el pelo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (in greeting) saludar a algn con la mano
    to wave at / to sb (to say goodbye) hacerle adiós a algn con la mano
    • (to attract attention) he waved at / to me to come over me hizo señas para que me acercara
    • she waved up/across at me me hizo señas desde abajo/desde el otro lado
  • 2

    (sway, flutter)
    (corn/trees) agitarse
    (corn/trees) mecerse con el viento
    (flag/pennants) ondear
    (flag/pennants) flamear