Translation of wave mechanics in Spanish:

wave mechanics

mecánica ondulatoria, n.


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    mecánica ondulatoria feminine
    • In fact ‘rival’ matrix mechanics deriving from Heisenberg's work and wave mechanics resulting from Schrödinger's work now entered the arena.
    • In 1926, Schrodinger developed a theory of wave mechanics that treated electrons as waves rather than particles.
    • Among publications on many topics he published work on Dirac's theory of the electron, on the new theory of light, on Uhlenbeck's theory of spin, and on applications of wave mechanics to nuclear physics.
    • In mathematics he worked on the calculus of variations, Fourier series, function spaces, Hamiltonian geometrical optics, Schrödinger wave mechanics, and relativity.
    • Some nominators preferred Schrödinger's more visual depiction of electron orbits as a form of wave mechanics.