Translation of waver in Spanish:


flaquear, v.

Pronunciation /ˈweɪvə//ˈweɪvər/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) flaquear
    (faith) tambalearse
    he wavered in his loyalty flaqueó en su lealtad
    • the party will not waver from its strategy el partido no se apartará de su estrategia
    • We will not waver, we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.
    • Mayor Li, of course, never wavers, and his wife and all the corrupt managers are arrested and given long prison sentences.
    • Derrick wavered when seeing her smile and sighed.
    • If Baptists wavered in their support of conscientious objectors, they were unequivocal about the separation of church and state.
    • His enemy wavered a bit, but Rupert was always one for a fight.
    • So it's only February and your New Year's resolve is already wavering?
    • He accedes to her request to allow Neel to become her protégé and even though he sees the two becoming close, he never wavers in his trust of his wife nor does he falter in supporting her humane treatment of Neel.
    • Isidore steadied me and he seemed to stand as solid as a statue, not wavering a bit.
    • His touch made her resolve waver, then disappear.
    • Though outwardly he was composed, inwardly his resolve wavered.
    • Even against such overwhelming odds, Christian's father and uncle did not waver one bit.
    • His exaggerations and loyalty wavered from time to time.
    • But you seldom get better by practicing less, doubting yourself and wavering in your commitment.
    • Still, he doesn't always show proper instincts, and his concentration wavers.
  • 2

    (be indecisive)
    without wavering for a moment sin titubear / vacilar un momento
    • he wavered between his family and his love for her se debatía entre su familia y su amor por ella
    • He was terrified, hesitant and wavering but finally gave in to the temptation.
    • His eyes never left the footy and he never wavered from his path despite not knowing what was coming the other way.
    • And though he needs cable systems to carry his program networks, he has not wavered from his dedication to broadcast.
    • In the 1820s Hugo came in touch with liberal writers, but his political stand wavered from side to side.
    • Williams never wavered from that claim of innocence and said he refused to confess to crimes he did not commit, even if doing so would save his life.
    • She never wavered from living the kind of life she wanted to live, and doing it freely - an amazing lesson.
    • We have come in for our share of criticism, some of it defamatory, but we have never wavered from this message.
    • He has wavered, wobbled, and wiggled about the war in Iraq since it began.
    • He never wavered from his decision to fast, and approached death with dignity and resolve.
    • His tone, including many of his commitments to social programmes, was moderate, a pitch to undecided voters and wavering Democrats, much as Clinton eight years ago moved in on the Republican middle ground.
    • Raymont says his own opinion of the explorer wavered during the film's production.
    • She wavered between hesitancy and her natural propensity for fun.
    • Throughout the next 25 years, she never wavered from that resolve.
    • My interest quickly wavered from the conversation at hand and with a soft yawn I let my gaze fall back onto the printed words of the book.
    • But I do admire the Queen as a woman who has done her job well and never wavered from her commitment to her duty and her country.
    • Finally, I have not wavered from my judgement that the Revolution was a tragedy.
    • As a teenager, Arafat became closely involved in the struggle for Palestine and never wavered from that commitment.
    • It is therefore odd to watch him waver and wobble over an issue that is not only outrageously unjust to Indian cricketers, but also flagrantly illegal.
    • We have not wavered from this position, and we do not intend to do so now.
    • It is clear in fact that in each issue that Wheeler has not wavered from his goal of attaining balance.
  • 3

    (flame/light) temblar
    in a wavering voice con voz temblorosa
    • His huge black cloak started to waver in the wind and slowly he turned around.
    • Chloe wavered dangerously on her camel as her face paled even more.
    • If she closed her eyes she could see the candlelight wavering in the wind.
    • They wavered gently in the soft, quiet breeze that swept across him.
    • The small rectangle of silver metal clicked against his claws as he flipped the lid open, the electric spark igniting the gas in a blue flame that wavered in a draught.
    • She wavered on her feet and Blake was the only thing that kept her upright.
    • He stood and wavered on his feet before steadying himself and offering his hand.
    • His black T-shirt wavered in the wind along with his white denim pants.
    • His light brown hair was wavering in the breeze and he was taller than her mother.
    • The ceiling wavered and shimmered, flickering in and out of clarity.
    • Katherine frowned, and the bow wavered uncertainly in her hands.
    • The ship rocked and the candles wavered precariously, on the edge of shrouding them in darkness.
    • My upper body wavered precariously and my eyes watered as I caught sight of the drop below.
    • The ground wavered unsteadily beneath him and he couldn't help but curse as his back erupted in pain.
    • But before he had a chance to say anything else, the screen began flickering and wavering erratically.
    • They made their way over, wavering precariously, and collapsed at his feet.
    • The light wavered unsteadily against the cold stone walls, threatening to diminish.