Translation of way in Spanish:


manera, n.

Pronunciation /weɪ//weɪ/


  • 1

    manera feminine
    modo masculine
    forma feminine
    in a subtle way de manera / modo / forma sutil
    • the way you behaved was disgraceful te comportaste de (una) manera / forma vergonzosa
    • is this the way you treat all your friends? ¿así (es como) tratas a todos tus amigos?
    • I don't like the way she looks at me no me gusta la manera / forma como me mira
    • that's one way of looking at it es una manera / un modo / una forma de verlo
    • what a way to react! ¡qué manera de reaccionar!
    • that's no way to talk to your mother! ¡así no se le habla a la madre!
    • what a way to go! ¡mira que acabar / terminar así!
    • that's just his way así es él
    • that's not her way ella no es así
    • that's the way it goes así es la vida
    • she's very affectionate though she doesn't always act that way es muy cariñosa aunque no siempre lo demuestra
    • it looks that way así / eso parece
    • (romantically, sexually) I don't like her that way no me interesa por ese lado / en ese plan
    • this way it's better for everyone así es mejor para todos
    • he said it in such a way that there was no room for confusion lo dijo de (tal) manera que no había lugar a confusión
    • it was done in such a way as to minimize inconveniences se hizo de manera que se causara el mínimo de problema
    • things don't always turn out the way you hope las cosas no siempre salen (tal y) como uno espera
    • the way I see it a mi modo / manera de ver
    • the way things are / stand at the moment tal y como están las cosas en este momento
    • I envy the way she makes friends so easily envidio la facilidad con la que hace amigos
    • we'd like to thank her in some small way nos gustaría darle una pequeña muestra de nuestro agradecimiento
    • to want sth in the worst way estar desesperado por algo
    • I hope they made it the way you like it.
    • They will listen then encourage you to find a way to achieve what you want.
    • If we want the arts to be meaningful, we have to find a way to reintegrate art into our lives.
    • Professor Hills said there was no easy way of predicting which view would prevail.
    • People are going to find a way to enjoy themselves, even if it means breaking the law.
    • This is a most practical way of helping people who are less fortunate than ourselves.
    • You made it the way you wanted to make it.
    • He has nothing but awe for his mother; is his behaviour his way of trying to be worthy of her?
    • So I think in the interim we need to find a way of helping the people that we have already promoted who are not good at this.
    • Of course I don't do that; I try to find a way to please everyone, which is impossible.
    • One day I hope we may find a way but it will require work on my mother's part as well as mine.
    • When we get there we'll find a way to survey the property and figure out a plan of action.
    • I think there are different ways of interpreting the characters.
    • Wilson is amongst a growing number of entrepreneurs trying to find a way of charging for music on the net.
    • They offer a wonderful chance to explore the medium of dance and find new ways of expression.
    • I also have to find a way of fitting all my Christmas presents in the car whilst managing to leave room for Lisa.
    • We had to find a way to help and it was fantastic to be able to do so.
    • My excuse is that while I'm working, it's the most convenient way of getting a good meal.
    • It was the most spectacular way in which a poor boy could achieve fame and fortune.
    • At what point is one allowed to say a religion is a threat to one's way of life?
    • Since there is no guarantee that these machines will be benign, it is vital we find a way to remain in control.
    • Play and creative expression are ways in which children cope with and try to make sense of their experiences and of the world.
    • The children must find a way to get rid of him before their parents get home.
    • But if he wants a gold medal, he will have to find a way of beating the French.
  • 2

    (method, means)
    forma feminine
    manera feminine
    modo masculine
    there's no way of knowing no hay forma / manera / modo de saber
    • the right way to do sth la manera correcta de hacer algo
    • there is no right way or wrong way to do this no hay una única manera de hacer esto
    • we must try every possible way to convince them tenemos que tratar de convencerlos por todos los medios
    • she has her own way of doing things tiene su propio sistema de hacer las cosas
    • they tried every way they knew to open it intentaron abrirlo de mil formas / maneras
    • there's no way of crossing the border without a passport es imposible cruzar la frontera sin pasaporte
    • there are many ways in which it will be useful será útil en muchos sentidos
    • it's not the way I would have chosen yo no lo hubiera hecho así / de esa forma / de ese modo
    • all right, we'll do it your way muy bien, lo haremos a tu manera / como tú quieras
    • can you think of a better way? ¿se te ocurre algo mejor?
    • we'll think of a way ya se nos ocurrirá algo
    • to do sth the hard/easy way hacer algo de manera difícil/fácil
    • that's not the way to do it! ¡así no se hace!
    • that's the way! ¡así se hace!
    • that's the way to deal with their sort! ¡así es como hay que tratar a la gente de su calaña!
    • that's not the (right) way to make friends esa no es forma / manera de hacer amigos
    • as is so often the way in these cases como suele suceder en estos casos
    • he must have got in some way / (US, informal) ways de alguna forma / manera habrá entrado
    • we have ways of making you talk sabemos cómo hacerte hablar
  • 3

    • 3.1(custom, characteristic)

      the ways of our people las costumbres de nuestro pueblo
      • they keep the old ways alive mantienen vivas las antiguas tradiciones / costumbres
      • don't worry, it's just one of her ways no le hagas caso, son cosas de ella
      • you've got some strange ways tienes cada cosa …
      • you'll get used to our ways ya te irás haciendo a nuestra manera de hacer las cosas
      • the ways of the legal profession los entresijos del mundo jurídico
      • he has a way of making people feel at ease sabe hacer que la gente se sienta cómoda
      • she has a way of popping up unexpectedly tiene la costumbre de aparecer donde menos te la esperas

    • 3.2(feature, respect)

      sentido masculine
      aspecto masculine
      in some/certain ways en algunos/ciertos sentidos / aspectos
      • in many ways this would be better en muchos sentidos esto sería mejor
      • in every way en todos los sentidos
      • in a way, it's like losing an old friend de alguna manera / en cierta forma / en cierto sentido es como perder a un viejo amigo
      • Although the book is excellent in many ways, some aspects of it are troubling.
      • The concept alone is offensive in at least half a dozen different ways, so you have to admire the sheer gall of the Media Lunch team.
      • Yet, this is in many ways a very careful revision as Young's personality is preserved.
      • In some ways, it doesn't work.
      • It was also a serious step because we know both Bob and Kate to some degree and respect them in many ways.
      • Even Drake, who was far from a child when he first met Hon Shun, had grown up in many ways these past months.
      • On the one hand, those are things we still respect in many ways.
      • In some ways, it's a victim of its own success.
      • They are splendid in every way.
      • It's all rather messy in lots of ways.
      • Their strengths are complementary in numerous ways: all they have to do is team up in a more productive fashion.

  • 4

    • 4.1(route)

      camino masculine
      we took the shortest/quickest way tomamos el camino más corto/rápido
      • the way back el camino de vuelta / de regreso
      • the way south was blocked el camino hacia el sur estaba bloqueado
      • it's longer this way por aquí / por este camino se tarda más
      • the way to success/salvation el camino del éxito/de la salvación
      • the way in/out la entrada/salida
      • I saw her on the way out la vi a la salida
      • this style is on the way in/out este estilo se está poniendo/está pasando de moda
      • I'll find my own way out no te molestes en acompañarme
      • there seems to be no way out of this crisis no parece que haya una salida a esta crisis / una manera de salir de esta crisis
      • we had to go the long way (around) tuvimos que dar toda la vuelta
      • let's go a different way vayamos por otro lado / camino
      • why don't we take a different way down the mountain? ¿por qué no bajamos la montaña por otro lado / camino?
      • we'll go your way iremos por donde tú quieras
      • my way avoids Leeds altogether el camino que yo tomo evita tener que pasar por Leeds
      • I'll do it, it's on my way yo lo haré, me queda de camino / me pilla de paso
      • I can drop the package off on my way de paso puedo dejar el paquete
      • we can pick him up without going far out of our way podemos recogerlo sin desviarnos mucho
      • they live in a very out of the way place viven en un lugar muy apartado
      • we can go back the way we came podemos volver por donde vinimos
      • this isn't the way to the airport por aquí no se va al aeropuerto
      • are you sure this is the (right) way? ¿estás seguro de que vamos bien / de que este es el camino?
      • we're going the wrong way nos hemos equivocado de camino
      • which way did you come? ¿por dónde viniste?
      • could you tell me the way to the city center? ¿me podría decir por dónde se va / cómo se llega al centro (de la ciudad)?
      • a tourist asked me the way to the museum un turista me preguntó cómo se iba al museo
      • I'll make my own way there iré por mi cuenta
      • I bumped into Helen on the way over here me encontré con Helen cuando venía (para aquí)
      • on my way to work de camino al trabajo
      • I'll tell you on the way te lo cuento por el camino
      • we weren't on our way anywhere no íbamos a ninguna parte
      • I'm on my way! ahora mismo salgo / voy
      • the doctor is on her way la doctora ya va para allí/viene para aquí
      • the goods are on their way la mercancía está en camino / ya ha salido
      • don't worry, help is on the way no te preocupes, la ayuda está en camino
      • winter's on the way ya falta poco para que empiece el invierno
      • they have two children and another one on the way tienen dos niños y otro en camino
      • did you find the way to Trier all right? ¿llegaste bien a Trier?
      • does anyone know the way? ¿alguien sabe el camino / por dónde se va?
      • I don't know the way up/down no sé por dónde se sube/se baja
      • I slipped on my way down the ladder resbalé al bajarme de la escalera
      • this singer is on her way up esta cantante está subiendo
      • she's on the way to being quite successful lleva camino de tener mucho éxito
      • she's well on her way to recovery ya está casi recuperada del todo
      • we found a way around the problem/this law encontramos un modo de resolver el problema/sortear esta ley
      • there is no way around it no hay otra solución / salida
      • (make a detour) to go out of one's way desviarse del camino
      • to go the way of sth/sb correr la misma suerte de algo/algn
      • he'll go the way of his father acabará como su padre
      • Police sealed off main roads along the way to allow the protesters to march through.
      • We went part of the way by bus, and walked the rest.
      • Mr Rickwood said they will be planning the details of the route along the way.
      • The red dots of paint with which Cretan walkers have marked the way are not always easy to spot.
      • It's not very well signposted, and we lost our way trying to reach it, but the hunt was well worth while.
      • When they got in there they signed in for their teacher and kept on talking all the way to ninth period math class.
      • He slept most of the way there and back.
      • We kept a good pace and started using our own routes to make our way to checkpoints.
      • Can you tell me the way to Wapping?
      • A Scottish cycle route sign pointed the way and we decided to take some pictures.
      • Is this the way to Donaghcloney?
      • Excuse me, which way is it to the nearest town?

    • 4.2(road, path)

      camino masculine
      senda feminine
      the Appian Way la vía Apia

  • 5

    (passage, space)
    we hacked a way through the undergrowth nos abrimos camino entre la maleza
    • those boxes are in the way esas cajas estorban
    • am I in your way? ¿estorbo?
    • we couldn't see it because there was an enormous tree in the way no podíamos verlo porque lo tapaba un árbol enorme
    • you're just getting in the way! ¡lo único que haces es estorbar!
    • she doesn't let her work get in the way of her social life no deja que el trabajo sea un obstáculo para su vida social
    • they stood in our way nos impidieron el paso
    • they were standing in the way of the oncoming vehicles obstruían / interceptaban el paso del tráfico
    • I couldn't see it, she was standing in my way no podía verlo, ella me tapaba (la vista)
    • (get) out of the way! ¡quítate de en medio!
    • I stepped / got out of his way me aparté
    • I kicked the ball out of the way quité la pelota de en medio de una patada
    • shove everything out of the way sácalo todo / ponlo todo a un lado
    • I'd like to get this work out of the way quisiera quitar este trabajo de en medio
    • make way! ¡abran paso!
  • 6

    it's that way es por ahí
    • this way! ¡por aquí!
    • we didn't know which way to go no sabíamos por dónde ir / qué dirección tomar
    • we can take a short cut this way por aquí acortamos camino
    • let's try that way, it's less steep probemos por ese lado, es menos empinado
    • which way did they go? ¿para qué lado fueron?
    • which way does the house face? ¿hacia dónde mira / está orientada la casa?
    • look both ways before crossing the road mira a los dos lados / en ambas direcciones antes de cruzar
    • we're both going the same way vamos para el mismo lado / en la misma dirección
    • look the other way! ¡mira para otro lado!
    • you were looking my way when you said that lo dijiste mirando en mi dirección / mirándome
    • she's looking our / this way está mirando hacia / para aquí
    • the hurricane is heading this way el huracán viene hacia aquí / en esta dirección
    • if you're ever down our way, call in si algún día andas por nuestra zona, ven a vernos
    • I haven't been out this way for years hacía siglos que no pasaba / venía por aquí
    • whichever way you look at it, it's a disaster es un desastre, lo mires por donde lo mires
    • keep it the right way up no le des la vuelta
    • which way up should it be? ¿cuál es la parte de arriba?
    • to brush sth the wrong way cepillar algo a contrapelo
    • to split sth three/five ways dividir algo en tres/cinco partes
    • to put work/business sb's way conseguirle trabajo/clientes a algn
  • 7

    move it just a little way to the left muévelo un poco hacia la izquierda
    • there's only a short way to go now ya falta / queda poco para llegar
    • he came all this way just to see me se dió el viaje hasta aquí solo para verme
    • I went all that way for nothing me fui hasta allá para nada
    • there's a bank just a little way down the road hay un banco un poco más abajo
    • we're still some way from home todavía nos queda un trecho para llegar a casa
    • we're quite a way from achieving it nos falta bastante para conseguirlo
    • it's a long way from here to Rio Río queda muy lejos de aquí
    • we passed a church some way back hace ya un rato que pasamos una iglesia
    • you have to go back a long way, to the Middle Ages hay que remontarse a la Edad Media
    • I was a long way behind the rest of the class iba muy atrasado con respecto al resto de la clase
    • it's a very long way down/up hay una buena bajada/subida
    • the island was a long/short way off / away la isla estaba muy lejos/cerca
    • the exam is still some way off todavía falta bastante para el examen
    • you have a long way to go before you are ready to take the exam te queda mucho camino por recorrer antes de poder examinarte
    • Springfield? that's quite a ways from here ¿Springfield? eso está requetelejos de aquí
    • I don't intend to walk all the way no pienso hacer todo el camino a pie
    • we had to walk all the way up tuvimos que subir a pie hasta arriba
    • flags were out all the way along the street había banderas a lo largo de (toda) la calle
    • she talked all the way there habló durante todo el camino / trayecto
    • to go some/a long way toward sth contribuir en cierta/gran medida a algo
    • this law has gone some way toward solving the problem esta ley ha contribuido en cierta medida a solucionar el problema
    • A short while later they where standing on a hill with the city a short ways behind them.
    • Does he really need to go all the way to the North of England to find this out?
    • I walked a little ways back up the drive and paced back and forth under the chestnut tree.
    • Yes really, we travelled all the way from Glasgow to Lake Molveno in northern Italy on a bus.
    • If you have to go to Reading or Glastonbury, it's quite a way to travel from the north of England.
    • They reached a good ways down the tunnel when Caleb felt his weakness starting to finally take over.
    • A short way further along the passage they came to a steel ladder, bolted into the wall and running up through a lightless shaft to the upper levels.
    • Once I had reached a little ways beyond the last place I checked I decided to turn around.
    • You can see in the aviation-mishap status update below that we have quite a ways to go to reach our goal.
    • It was a ways off in the distance and it was hard to get an estimate as to how far away it was.
  • 8

    • 8.1(in passing)

      to mention sth by the way mencionar algo de pasada
      • but that's all by the way: what I really wanted to say was … pero eso no es a lo que iba: lo que quería decir es que …

    • 8.2(incidentally)

      a propósito
      por cierto

  • 9by way of (as preposition)

    • 9.1(via)

      pasando por
      by way of Rome vía Roma

    • 9.2(to serve as)

      a modo de
      a manera de
      by way of introduction/an apology a modo / manera de introducción/disculpa
      • by way of contrast, they have increased their prices ellos, por el contrario, han aumentado sus precios

  • 10in the way of as regards (as preposition)

    don't expect too much from them in the way of help en cuanto a ayuda, no esperes mucho de ellos
    • have you got anything in the way of food? ¿tienes algo de comer?
    • they stock everything in the way of fertilizers venden todo tipo de abonos
    • there wasn't much in the way of opposition no hubo gran oposición
  • 11no way informal

    no way will I lend it to you ni loco te lo presto informal
    • no way is he/she going to do it de ninguna manera lo va a hacer
    • no way will there be a postponement no se va a aplazar ni por casualidad
    • there's no way you'll get him to help you no vas a poder conseguir que te ayude
    • no way! ¡ni hablar!
  • 12to give way

    • 12.1(collapse, break)

      (rope/cable/ice) romperse
      (floor) hundirse
      (floor) ceder
      the table gave way under the weight la mesa no aguantó el peso
      • her health gave way under the strain la tensión le afectó la salud
      • Policymakers at the Bank of England were split three ways for the second consecutive month when they held interest rates at 5% two weeks ago.
      • Under the scheme, the cost of the property would be divided three ways between the buyer, a bank or building society and Government.

    • 12.2(yield, give in)

      to give way to sth ceder a/ante algo
      • I knew they'd give way eventually sabía que acabarían cediendo
      • she gave way to tears no pudo contener las lágrimas y se echó a llorar
      • you must not give way to pessimism no te dejes vencer por el pesimismo

    • 12.3British Transport

      ceder el paso
      to give way to sb/sth ceder el paso a algn/algo
      • give way ceda el paso

    • 12.4(to be replaced by, superseded by)

      to give way to sth dejar / dar paso a algo
      • her joy soon gave way to nervousness su alegría pronto dio paso al nerviosismo

  • 13under way

    to get under way comenzar
    • to get a meeting under way dar comienzo a una reunión
    • the festival is under way ha empezado el festival
    • an investigation is under way se está llevando a cabo / se ha abierto una investigación
    • the championships get under way in two weeks' time los campeonatos comenzarán dentro de dos semanas
    • the negotiations now under way in Washington las negociaciones que se están llevando a cabo en este momento en Washington



  • 1

    way behind muy por detrás
    • they're way behind the times están muy anticuados / atrasados
    • way down south allá por el sur
    • they were way out in their calculations se equivocaron en mucho en los cálculos
    • way past midnight mucho después de la medianoche
    • it's way up in the hills está muy alto en las montañas
    • profits are way up on last year los beneficios están muy por encima de los del año pasado
    • as intensifier way and away con mucho
    • he's way and away the best player they have es lejos el mejor jugador que tienen
    • ‘Dad, you never told me we had any way cool relatives!’
    • I wanted to pay some appreciation to some way cool blog people - I don't know these people beyond the blog, but I appreciate their presence around here!