Translation of weak in Spanish:


débil, adj.

Pronunciation: /wik//wiːk/


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    • 1.1

      (muscles/wrists/person) débil
      (structure) poco sólido
      (structure) endeble
      (currency/economy) débil
      (handshake) flojo
      in a weak voice con voz débil
      • I was too weak to lift it no me daban las fuerzas para levantarlo
      • to have a weak heart/chest sufrir del corazón/pecho
      • he has a weak constitution es de complexión débil
      • he was weak with hunger se sentía débil del hambre que tenía
      • I was weak from laughing so much quedé agotado de tanto reírme
      • I went weak at the knees se me aflojaron las piernas
      • to grow weak debilitarse
      • the weaker sex el sexo débil
      • he has a very weak chin tiene el mentón muy poco pronunciado lo cual se ve como indicio de debilidad de carácter
      • Education levels, at least higher education levels, have a mixed and somewhat weak influence on rural income growth rates.
      • British management, being its usual weak pathetic self, tried to please everyone all the time and lost the plot.
      • The elderly lady was left with pains to her ribs and back, as well as high blood pressure and a weak heart.
      • Bones with osteoporosis are weak and break easily.
      • Just when treatment was beginning take effect, the arrival of a female zebra at the zoo caused him to run around in excitement, causing grave damage to his already weak hoof.
      • You may have a weak immune system.
      • Your legs feel so weak that you think they won't be able to support you.
      • But they agree its new parliament, for the moment, will be too weak to meet expectations.
      • He was too weak to move very much, expending any energy he had trying to breathe.
      • She was physically weak but these letters reveal a strong-minded, manipulative woman.
      • Yet he continually attempted to coax the board of directors into selecting weak artistic directors in order that he might influence the programming and selection of new singers.
      • He has been left with slurred speech, and the left side of his body is weak after his brain was damaged.
      • The problem with the trees however lies with the fact that as young saplings they are very weak and susceptible to damage by vandals or simply by traffic or passers-by.
      • It was still weak from having been broken the year before and I banged it on the steering wheel and it broke again.
      • If the lead gets snagged, the weak line breaks and you may get the rig back.
      • The dish is good for those suffering from a cough, fatigue or anyone in a weak physical condition.
      • I felt myself grow weak from the sudden loss of blood and I lost my grip on my sword.
      • These interactions are held together principally by weak van der Waals forces.
      • The arms may feel weak, the patient no longer being able to lift heavy objects.
      • The fence was weak and was toppled easily by a small group of protesters with a rope.
      • This problem makes your bones weak, so they break easily.
      • The government has been very weak in terms of clarifying the case.
      • Her legs were weak from lack of exercise.
      • I felt too weak to move, and too tired to care.
      • Sometimes they left the sick and weak behind in order to make it through.
      • Or is it that they were raised by a strong father figure and a weak female influence?
      • Because of its low mass, its gravity is very weak.
      • All willows are fast growing and short-lived, and their wood is notably weak and prone to breaking.
      • He loosened his grip, but now my knees were too weak to move.
      • Of course, I had no power and I was very weak physically, so I felt very helpless and exposed.
      • The conviction that the strong are bound to prey on the weak, as dictated by the law of the jungle, is incompatible with the principle of competition.
      • In fact, scientists could and did show that gravity was too weak a force to account for the movement of continents.
      • The condition left her confused, physically weak and exhausted.
      • To its great shame, the United States has a pathetically weak labor law which makes it easy for employers to harass and punish workers who try to organize unions.
      • In many ways, the force of gravity is extremely weak.
      • Recently, I began to feel weak with little strength in my legs.
      • The deliberate assault on the weak is not the spirit of Socialism but of Fascism.
      • Smokers have a weak sense of smell, because cigarettes destroy the inner lining of the nose.
      • Some women may also see themselves as incompetent and physically weak.
      • Just because they were physically weak didn't make them mentally vulnerable.
      • One of those lessons is how weak Britain's influence has been over the American administration.
      • A knight was supposed to protect the weak and defend the Church against heretics of all shades.
      • The ice was melting, and soon it would be weak enough to break.
      • When the woman was asked why she drank so much malted milk, she explained that her weak physical state made it difficult for her to cook, so she just drank milk for nutrition.
      • People who were weak were given hard physical exercises to do to build up their muscles.
      • He endured years of senseless, unfounded, unstopped bullying, knowing he was too physically weak to defeat his enemies, yet he tried.
      • The old order was too weak for either reforms or brute oppression.
      • Corticosteroids cause osteoporosis or softening of bones, making them weak and more easily fractured.
      • Unfortunately that took much of his strength leaving him weak and tired, but he refused to rest just yet.
      • Breeders argue that the tails will be poor, weak, easily damaged things, which will need to be amputated anyway, because they're sure to be injured.
      • The question here is a philosophical one: why is it necessary to have some men be brave enough to fight and honorable enough to fight to protect the weak, in order to have a society exist?
      • This crude mask gave some protection but its eye-piece proved to be very weak and easy to break - thus making the protective value of the helmet null and void.
      • But even after nearly 90 years the theory remains notoriously hard to test because gravity is such a weak force.
      • But by now they were physically weak from four days without food and water.
      • Trees and shrubs should also be checked and any dead, weak or damaged stems removed, as well as any old material that has fallen to the ground.
      • These groups are physically weak and spend more time inside than the general population.
      • At the age of 49, I simply couldn't accept the doctor's prognosis that for the rest of my life I would be too weak to do physical labor.
      • He thought of moving inside where it would be cooler, but he felt too weak to move.
      • In each case the ruling elites were chosen from weak minority groups in order to make their power dependent on the colonial power.
      • We rely on our muscles to walk, lift objects and climb stairs. However, in space muscles become weaker when there is no gravity to overcome.
      • Such new leadership would have been weak and easily outmaneuvered by Musharraf, of course.

    • 1.2(ineffectual)

      (character/leader) débil
      I'm so weak, I can't resist chocolates tengo muy poca fuerza de voluntad, no sé decir que no a un bombón
      • Her character is weak and Steinbeck characterized her as an archetypical child, both capricious and malleable.
      • She hated herself for being so weak in front of her parents.
      • Most likely he expected me to be weak and unsure in carrying them out.
      • I have a great cast; often Mark is portrayed as a small weak character, whereas I think he has an enormous ego.
      • He is a bit weak for a main character; rather superficial and bland.
      • Refs aren't such weak characters that they would allow their impartiality to be compromised on this basis.
      • In the myth-making of the Middle East, it allowed the West to be portrayed as weak and irresolute.
      • Their coach comes across as weak, making decisions to cater for the fading hero rather than the good of the team.
      • I have a morbid fear of being seen as weak, pathetic or girly.
      • They are weak beings, easily controlled and manipulated.
      • It basically makes him look like a weak, indecisive, craven leader.
      • My father believed that our Tsar was weak and made wrong decisions.
      • Also, a lot of people misread Diane as a weak character; she's not.
      • Many people in the world, including me, are so weak and fragile that they easily fall into temptation and make mistakes.
      • In the beginning of the story Bilbo is a very weak character.
      • Chelmsford, a man of weak character and mediocre talents, marched into Zululand only to suffer one of the most humiliating defeats in British military history at Isandlwana.
      • Obese people often are shunned by society and blamed for having weak characters.
      • I suppose I'm weak when it comes to confrontation like that.
      • Therefore she absolutely worshipped her son although she had been greatly disappointed in his weak character.
      • He claimed that the Prime Minister was too weak to make a decision on his own.
      • Zeph was definitely not the wimpy, useless, weak coward that he had originally seemed and she found herself almost inexplicably drawn to him.
      • The only serious problem with the story is that, without spoiling anything, it makes one of the major characters look extremely weak.

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    • 2.1(not competent)

      (novel/student/team/performance) flojo
      (team/performance/novel/student) pobre
      he's very weak in biology está muy flojo en biología
      • His team simply cannot appear weak in comparison.
      • There are no weak teams left these days, and you need something extra to give you the edge - maybe a coach like Michael can do that.
      • What with David Seaman looking a hugely dominating presence at the back, this is looking like a team without a weak link.
      • But he's is a defensive liability, and the team already has enough weak defenders.
      • So while neither player is an outstanding leader, they get credit for being major factors in leading a weak team into the upper division.
      • That is, a good player drafted to a weak team is likely to be sold to a strong team where more revenue can be generated.
      • Playing for a weak team did not diminish what Ramsey accomplished.
      • You know, when you're in a police force or in a firefighting unit, who the weak guys on your team are.
      • But the overall verdict, delivered in the first police performance monitors published as part of a drive to tackle weak forces, is upbeat.
      • Having a weak team represent the league would be like sending a donkey to race against thoroughbreds.
      • This may raise a few eyebrows, but it is not the fault of an individual to be a member of a weak team.
      • And the truth is that there are no longer any weak teams at this level.
      • They have what we can call ‘communicative competence’ even though their grammatical competence in Gaelic is weak.
      • This was a team that was weak when we finished last year.
      • The team is so weak at cornerback that forcing the action in the opponent's backfield is the only way it can succeed.
      • It has long been clear that the myth of auditor independence has been a weak link in the financial reporting chain.
      • He was definitely weak in language skills in elementary school, as several tests show.
      • The team is weak along the offensive line, so their return is critical.
      • Our waitress's command of English was weak, almost non-existent in fact, and our food arrived at strange intervals.
      • No longer burdened with the captaincy of a weak team, he is letting his bat do the talking as he has a new lease on life.
      • Their defense was weak, their special teams mediocre, their running game average.
      • A weak and ineffective Police force, to sum up, is a certain threat to the maintenance of law and order in this country, and the criminals know it.
      • That said, the coach admits that the team does have weak areas that need to be addressed, such as someone who consistently puts the puck in the net.
      • Her English was weak, which was an incentive for me to work on my French.
      • I don't believe that Cork and the other teams were weak, but that Fermanagh were never given full credit for what they achieved.
      • Gordon Brown's Treasury must explain why eight UK government departments have recently been criticised by auditors for weak financial control.
      • Although they had recently beaten the home side convincingly in the cup the opposition on that day had fielded a weak team.
      • Although too weak for NBA standards, he is certainly not a liability on the defensive end.
      • As long as Pataudi was captain, he led with authority and distinction, marshalling a weak team against strong oppositions.
      • Despite some weak translation in the English subtitles, this is a powerful and elegant film.
      • They were a weak force, held together by little more than hatred.
      • A pessimistic view would be that it is a question for weak students to do badly, average students to avoid, and for good students to prove.
      • I know there are no weak teams and all the games will be hard but I genuinely believe we are the best team.
      • In both 1999 and 2001, Brazil sent a weak team to the competition and was embarrassed.
      • The Italian was rejected because of his weak grasp of English.

    • 2.2(not convincing)

      (excuse/argument) poco convincente
      (argument/excuse) pobre
      • But it does rest on two weak assumptions steeped in a simplistic view of race.
      • If on the other hand, at least a majority of the judges consider the evidence too weak for a conviction, they must acquit.
      • It's a weak supposition - unworthy of the sharp-witted Miss Bennet.
      • It has been premiered to mixed reviews, including criticism of a weak plot, and this is not really surprising.
      • A slow-moving film with a weak plot, it trudges its way to a disappointing finish and leaves you wondering why you bothered.
      • For example, my years of teaching education policy have convinced me that the research basis for many popular reforms is weak at best.
      • While the plot is pretty weak, it doesn't hurt the game too much.
      • Its problems run a lot deeper than a weak, unoriginal plot or lame actors, however.
      • The film moves along quickly enough but just as it gets going we are let down by a weak plot finish, the usual clichés, and a big feeling of disappointment.
      • For decades, such films were low-grade romances with weak plots interfused with 20-odd musical outbursts.
      • The plot is weak and the film can't decide whether it's a road movie, a quest or a love story.
      • And jurors are never accused of acting like vigilantes when they convict a defendant, no matter how weak the evidence.
      • At the end, I was left wondering why they bothered to make the film, because the plot seemed weak to me.
      • Almost as bad is that it's artistically and logically weak.
      • To no one's surprise, the plot is predictably weak, but who really cares if it's all just inconsequential fluff when the action's this much fun?
      • I have tried to be fair, but where it seems to me that an argument is particularly strong or weak my convictions shine through.
      • As well as affecting the way we judge other people, moods also influence our susceptibility to weak arguments.
      • Although it has a superficial sheen, the film is mired in structural errors, weak plot contrivances and flimsy characterisation.
      • A weak story, tepid characters, a confusion of plots and, to top it all, some terrible editing make this one of the worst reads of the month.
      • Only two weak aspects of the book could be identified.
      • I liked the idea of the movie, with the whole ‘matrix’ thing, but in some parts I found the plot weak and predictable.

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    (tea/coffee) poco cargado
    (beer) suave
    (beer) aguado derogatory
    (solution) diluido
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    (syllable) átono
    (form/verb) regular