Translation of weaken in Spanish:


debilitar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈwikən//ˈwiːk(ə)n/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (limb/body) debilitar
    (structure) hacer más endeble
    (structure) quitarle solidez a
    (economy/currency/government/power) debilitar
    (determination) menoscabar
    he weakened his grip on her arm dejó de asirle el brazo con tanta fuerza
    • It also weakens the market power of firms whose dominance comes from legal protection rather than commercial success.
    • But if he weakens and gives them a role, most Afghan people who voted for a strong central government will feel cheated.
    • Too big a cut, they warn, could panic the markets and weaken confidence, not strengthen it.
    • The government announced it would go ahead anyway, but its authority had been weakened.
    • Weakened by illness and extreme age, he died on 21 November 1781.
    • Because inactivity weakens the back muscles, pain sufferers should stay active, but it is sometimes easier said than done.
    • That would surely weaken resolve and put fear into even the stoutest hearts.
    • When de Gaulle returned to power in 1958, the western alliance was weakening.
    • Inequality undermines social cohesion and weakens the bonds of co-operation.
    • She hates this kind of thing normally, but all the hype and good reviews weakened her resolve.
    • Forecasters say the storm has weakened but could strengthen again before it hits Florida.
    • Reduced diet meant starvation and weakened resistance to illness and disease.
    • If the economy weakens further, says Wittman, the President could be in trouble.
    • His squad may be physically weakened, but he believes their resolve remains strong.
    • The two major options for states to close their budget gaps — raising taxes and cutting spending — put further stress on a weakening economy,
    • While the position of the crown had weakened, the power of the state had grown.
    • Their powers had been weakened and there was not a great deal they could have done about it.
    • The social hierarchies to which it was attached were as likely to be weakened as strengthened by such a model.
    • There are no indications that the resolve of members is weakening.
    • Marriage has also been weakened by the ease with which you can now obtain a divorce.
    • It did not weaken his resolve, although there are times when bitterness wells to the surface.
    • If people are not fed properly, resistance weakens and wounds do not heal.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (animal/person) (physically) debilitarse
    (resolve/determination) flaquear
    (power) debilitarse
    I finally weakened and let her go finalmente cedí / aflojé / me ablandé y la dejé ir
    • don't weaken in your resolve no cedas en tu propósito
    • her hold on the rope gradually weakened cada vez se agarraba con menos fuerza de la cuerda
    • the pound has weakened against the dollar la libra ha caído frente al dólar