Translation of wean in Spanish:


destetar, v.

Pronunciation /wiːn//win/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (child/young) destetar
    delegates weaned on confrontation politics delegados formados en una política de confrontación
    • children weaned on large doses of TV niños que se han criado mirando muchísima televisión
    • to wean sb off/away from sth
    • we weaned him off drugs conseguimos desengancharle de las drogas
    • she succeeded in weaning him away from the roulette table logró que dejara de jugar a la ruleta
    • When the youngsters are fully weaned they're turned out to pasture where the growing really kicks in.
    • Sperm whale mothers wean their calves on pieces of squid.
    • She said she would probably wean the puppy in six weeks.
    • After the pig is weaned, these milk antibodies no longer are supplied.
    • At 36 days young weasels are weaned and can eat food brought back to the nest by the mother.
    • Once the babies are weaned off milk in the transit home, they are allowed to forage with older elephants instead of being fed with leaves and bark as are elephants in most other orphanages.
    • A breast-feeding mother will wean her infant before returning to work.
    • Most mammals extend the care of their young until they are weaned and then drive them away.
    • Mothers wean children early and in some cases do not breast-feed at all.
    • There were seventeen children in all, one a very young infant not even weaned from his mother's milk, yet.
    • Domestic kittens are weaned at about 8 weeks old and become independent at about 6 months old.
    • The young are weaned from the mother at about 5 months of age.
    • At eight weeks, he should be weaned from the mother and eating kitten food solely.
    • The lambs in the paddock are constantly bleating at the moment, mainly for food (we're trying to wean them from milk to grass) but also for attention as we humans are their mums.
    • Calves were weaned in early September of each year.
    • He was breast-fed and is now being weaned on a vegetarian diet of pulses, vegetables, fruits, baby rice, pasta and formula milk made from soya.
    • Mammals produce milk for their young until they are weaned.
    • Otter cubs are fully weaned after three to four months, but stay with their mother for up to a year, during which time they learn to fish.
    • Children are often not weaned off their mother's milk until they are toddlers.
    • I waited until the puppies were weaned then I tied red bows around their necks, put them in a box and headed to Mrs. Rooney's home.
    • According to Van Putten early weaned calves will suck anything that resembles a teat.