Translation of weaponry in Spanish:


armamento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɛp(ə)nri//ˈwɛpənri/


  • 1

    armamento masculine
    armas feminine
    • The success of the Germans has frequently been put down to their superiority in weaponry like tanks and artillery guns.
    • Once nuclear weaponry is deployed, tens of thousands of people are going to die at minimum.
    • But it would be one step too far to expect them to give up their weaponry as this would be seen as surrender.
    • The munitions include light and heavy weapons, mines and other types of weaponry.
    • It accepted dependence on the western military alliance but decided to develop its own nuclear weaponry.
    • He was head-hunted by a group that was involved in arms, weaponry and strategic defence.
    • He encouraged the development of advanced weaponry such as tanks, machine guns and aircraft.
    • The building was left charred and smouldering, its facade riddled with holes from bullets and heavy weaponry.
    • Rarely has a war been fought on the basis of such huge differences in weaponry and fire-power.
    • Members of the patrol would also share the task of carrying heavy anti-tank weaponry and ammunition.
    • I see from the Independent that Mugabe is arming his youth militia with weaponry from China and Iran.
    • The population as a whole possessed a lot of weaponry, with at least two weapons in most households.
    • But the next development is placing weaponry in space, creating the prospect of a war in space.
    • To the detriment of his career, he became a public critic of nuclear weaponry.
    • And we know also that they will do whatever they can to acquire the most deadly weaponry they can.
    • You could sustain a small war with the range of weaponry on sale.
    • Against this sort of attack, nuclear shields and Star Wars weaponry look as irrelevant as the Maginot Line.
    • Each of them feels that nuclear weaponry is a viable way to ensure their security.
    • Nor will he explain how many youth workers could have been employed with the money poured into troops and weaponry.
    • We bombed our enemies into submission with all the power and weaponry we had available.