Translation of wear in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /wɛː//wɛr/


  • 1

    • 1.1(use)

      you should get a good ten years' wear out of that coat ese abrigo te debería durar por lo menos diez años
      • there's not much wear left in that jacket a esa chaqueta no le queda mucha vida
      • I've had a lot of wear out of these shoes les he dado mucho uso a estos zapatos
      • carpets that stand hard wear alfombras que resisten el uso constante
      • that part of the carpet gets a lot of wear esa parte de la alfombra se pisa mucho

    • 1.2(damage)

      desgaste masculine
      you can see the wear on the steps se ve el desgaste de los peldaños
      • the sofa's already showing signs of wear el sofá ya está un poco gastado
      • he was showing signs of wear after his long journey se veía cansado después del largo viaje
      • wear and tear uso / desgaste natural
      • to look the worse for wear
      • she looked very much the worse for wear after the sleepless night se veía muy desmejorada tras la noche en vela
      • the curtains/chairs are looking the worse for wear las cortinas/sillas se ven viejas
      • This is in order to prevent premature wear of the valve seats.
      • The teeth and their pattern of wear are unlike that seen in any modern mammal so what this animal ate is something of a mystery.
      • Although your body can fix itself on the fly, damage accumulates if the rate of wear and tear is greater than the rate of repair.
      • Because car carpets are expensive, it makes sense to protect them from damage or regular wear and tear.
      • It's not starting the engine that causes extra wear and tear.
      • It is now starting to show signs of wear and tear.
      • Doctors suspect chronic back pain is caused by a combination of normal wear and tear on the joints of the back and poor muscle control.
      • Then he handed out our textbooks; I now had a math book and a history book, and the history book sustained the more wear and tear of the two.
      • This testing also provides a great opportunity to inspect your well pump for wear of its moving parts as well as the electrical system.
      • Mum will tell you that it's not a cheap business paying for uniforms especially with the added wear and tear caused by skateboarding and playing footy in the schoolyard.
      • It has been showing the effects of wear and tear for some time.
      • The combination of solvents and heat is hard on fabrics and may cause as much wear as actual wearing of the garment.
      • Most guarantees expressly exclude faults which are the result of misuse by the consumer, accidental damage or normal wear and tear.
      • For what it is worth, this pattern does show less wear in hard use.
      • Also, swap positions of the wheels with the most wear with less worn wheels.
      • In osteoarthritis, the alignment of the leg changes because of wear.
      • As a landlord you can refuse to return their deposit if they have caused damage beyond normal wear and tear.
      • Although ships are meant to be thoroughly checked every two years for cracks and other signs of structural wear, the inspections often do not take place.
      • Always drive in the correct gear for your speed - it reduces wear and tear on the engine components and also provides improved fuel efficiency.
      • Less wear and tear on the cars means fewer new car purchases.

  • 2

    • 2.1(wearing of clothes)

      clothes for evening/everyday wear ropa para la noche/para diario / para todos los días

    • 2.2(clothing)

      ropa feminine
      children's/evening wear ropa de niños/para la noche
      • the correct wear for such an occasion la vestimenta / ropa apropiada para tal ocasión
      • People hurried back and forth, wrapped in cloaks or swirling capes behind them, in peasant wear or merchant finery.
      • And I think it's great that she is designing supercute, trendy maternity wear for your stores.
      • Today, these outfits serve as stage costumes rather than street wear.
      • The shop not only sells a large selection of bridal wear, but also has bridal packages, beauty treatments and a range of other services all under one roof.
      • There is a big price range for maternity wear, so you should be able to find lots of stuff you can afford.
      • The two brands provide a series of swimwear, gym wear, underwear and accessories which are young, sporty and sexy.
      • Casual wear is permitted after hours, as long as it follows the school dress code.
      • The site also features the firm's specialised fabrics such as blazer cloths along with corporate wear and men's and women's wear for the retail market.
      • Purchase bicycle clothing made of reflective fabrics or add reflective tape to all of your rainy-weather wear.
      • To say that business wear has changed in the past couple of years is an understatement.
      • For those who like to shop, Hawkshead offers outdoor wear, plenty of gift shops and some very nice pubs and cafes.
      • It is a vast style improvement on beach wear and ghastly ski wear.
      • The programme began shortly after 8pm and featured the delegates in traditional East Indian wear and evening gowns.
      • Household and electrical goods and fashion wear have been the best-selling items, he said.
      • This colourful handmade woollen wear come in green, red, ivory and black.
      • There are a lot of vibrant colours in the traditional wear.
      • Patagonia has turned organic cotton and fleece made of recycled plastic into high-end outdoor wear.
      • His smooth chat-up technique is hampered by an appalling taste in casual wear.
      • It offers 5,000 sq ft of quality footwear, from outdoor to special occasion wear and top brands like Ecco, Van Dal, and Clarks.
      • The event will feature 50 stalls selling everything from stylish hats and designer wear to the latest kitchen implements.

transitive verb

  • 1

    she was wearing a black dress tenía puesto / llevaba un vestido negro
    • I've got nothing to wear no tengo qué ponerme
    • what shall I wear to the party? ¿qué me pongo para ir a la fiesta?
    • she wears green a lot se viste mucho de verde
    • she doesn't wear skirts no usa / no se pone faldas
    • he wears size 44 shoes calza (el) 44
    • gloves aren't worn much nowadays actualmente no se usan / no se llevan mucho los guantes
    • to wear the trousers / pants llevar los pantalones
  • 2

    I'm not wearing my watch no tengo el reloj puesto
    • she was wearing a pearl necklace tenía puesto / llevaba un collar de perlas
    • why don't you wear your ring? ¿por qué no te pones el anillo?
    • what perfume are you wearing? ¿qué perfume llevas / tienes puesto?
    • she doesn't wear mascara no usa rímmel
    • he's wearing make-up está maquillado
    • she wears her hair long/short tiene / lleva el pelo largo/corto
    • he wears his hair in a pony tail se peina con cola de caballo
    • do you wear glasses? ¿usa gafas?
    • to wear a sword llevar una espada
    • to wear the crown reinar
    • he was wearing a broad smile sonreía de oreja a oreja
    • she wears her age well no representa la edad que tiene
  • 3

    (through use)
    constant use had worn the soles very thin las suelas habían quedado muy delgadas con el uso constante
    • he had worn the collar threadbare había gastado el cuello hasta dejarlo raído de tanto uso
    • the step had been worn smooth el peldaño se había alisado con el uso
    • she's worn holes in the soles se le han agujereado las suelas
    • they had worn a path through the hills sus pisadas habían marcado un sendero a través de las colinas
  • 4Britishinformal

    (usually negative) consentir
    the tenants wouldn't wear it no hubo caso con los inquilinos informal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (through use)
    (tire/collar/brakes/carpet) gastarse
    to wear smooth alisarse
    • to wear thin perder la gracia
    • the elbows had worn very thin los codos estaban muy gastados
    • that excuse is wearing very thin esa excusa ya está muy trillada / ya no convence a nadie
    • her patience began to wear thin empezó a perder la paciencia
  • 2

    these tiles will wear for years estas baldosas durarán años
    • to wear well durar mucho