Translation of wearisome in Spanish:


pesado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwɪrisəm//ˈwɪərɪs(ə)m/


  • 1

    (task/talk) pesado
    (task/talk) aburrido
    (talk/task) tedioso
    (person) pesado
    (person) aburrido
    • In such a situation, ‘everything is either oversimplified or reduced to a wearisome incomprehensibility.’
    • But their increasingly wearisome antics are not going to win many new friends.
    • Their little world became wearisome and difficult as alliances broke and were reformed.
    • Permanently traumatized by her brutal violation, Urania flees the Dominican Republic for a sterile and wearisome expatriate existence before she belatedly returns one final time to her fatherland.
    • But after a point the ridiculousness of the plot becomes a bit wearisome.
    • The relentlessness of the jokes grows wearisome, and the ending is perfunctory and trite.
    • That's fun when you start, but after 15 years it can become wearisome.
    • It would be wearisome to go into any more detail.
    • It's sometimes wearisome, sometimes amusing, to see partisan Democrats and Republicans constantly accusing the other side of things that both sides are constantly guilty of.
    • He manages to do or say something really annoying and despicable so often that it's wearisome.
    • How can the government expect these girls to change when they are taught to live a tedious and wearisome life?
    • By itself, it offers few magic answers, but it spurs the client's imagination to be creative, to consider new ideas and modes of behavior, and to find novel solutions to wearisome problems.
    • For most of us, the lack of daylight is a wearisome fact of life.
    • In fact, the film might have worked better if it had been made for the small screen, although with its sloppy characterisation and lifeless, wearisome narrative, it's arguable whether it should have been made at all.
    • He is criticised for not offering or saying anything new, although he must feel the questions are equally wearisome: Will he sack the manager?
    • This is all true, but two hundred pages of it do become rather wearisome.
    • But perhaps more wearisome are the judgements made every day, the belief that veiled women are uneducated, downtrodden and oppressed, the passive victims of a highly restrictive Muslim patriarchy.
    • At the end of a wearisome session the temptation was to accept what he had to say simply to escape.
    • And it is quite apparent to me, in retrospect, that without Mostel's comic genius this might be a very wearisome play to watch.
    • Our national character might also find the ever-smiling country club environment wearisome.