Translation of weather in Spanish:


tiempo, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈwɛðər//ˈwɛðə/


  • 1

    tiempo masculine
    (chart/map) (before noun) meteorológico
    good/bad weather buen/mal tiempo
    • in hot weather en tiempo caluroso
    • what's the weather like? ¿qué tiempo hace?
    • what's the weather like in Mexico? ¿qué clima tiene México?
    • you can't go out in this weather no puedes salir con este tiempo
    • weather permitting si el tiempo no lo impide
    • they work outdoors in all weathers trabajan a la intemperie haga el tiempo que haga
    • to be under the weather no andar muy bien
    • to make heavy weather of sth/ -ing
    • you're making very heavy weather of sewing that button on! ¡qué manera de complicarse la vida para coser un simple botón!
    • (in US) weather bureau servicio meteorológico
    • weather conditions estado del tiempo
    • a weather eye
    • keep a weather eye open for a drugstore estáte atento a ver si ves una farmacia
    • she cocked a weather eye at the kids les echó un vistazo a los chicos
    • We need some rain though and dry weather has been forecast up to Thursday.
    • You have all the elements of a potential disaster in the making, speed, unpredictable elements, cold weather and mountains.
    • Severe wintry weather is expected to continue over the weekend.
    • The work was due to start on January 5 but was delayed due to bad weather.
    • The forecast is for brighter weather after days of rain.
    • Approximately 700 cyclists braved inclement weather as well as Friday night traffic to cause a little non-polluting road congestion.
    • During the winter, its southerly location guarantees warm weather and sunshine when our own more northerly climes turn bleak.
    • The cold weather has been suddenly replaced by warm humid conditions.
    • This work will be carried out in the near future weather permitting.
    • After basking in hot summer sunshine, the weather broke and torrential rain and flash floods brought chaos across Greater Manchester.
    • We are two thirds of the way through the winter season without any cold weather or significant snowfall.
    • The Met Office has predicted an unsettled period of weather with rain and wind.
    • Forecasters said the UK would take on a tropical feel, with sticky and muggy weather making conditions unpleasant.
    • He said the trek had been something of an ordeal over difficult terrain and there had been days of miserable weather with wind, rain and snow.
    • Melbourne is well known for its unpredictable weather but today's cold snap was one for the history books.
    • Due to the bad weather, torrential rain and wind, the game was halted after the first half.
    • What's the weather like where you are?
    • The launch had twice been postponed due to bad weather.
    • The weather is also unpredictable: it can be cold, hot or raining; you just don't know what to expect.
    • A Met Office spokesman said that the cold weather would continue until Sunday, when it should become milder.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (rocks) erosionar
    (surface) desgastar
    the wind and rain have weathered the castle walls el viento y la lluvia les han dado una pátina a los muros del castillo
    • her face had been weathered by the sun and wind tenía el rostro curtido por el sol y el viento
    • the rock has been weathered smooth la roca se ha alisado por efecto de la intemperie
  • 2

    (wood) secar
    (wood) curar
  • 3

    (scandal/crisis) sobrellevar
    (scandal/crisis) capear
    the ship weathered the storm el barco capeó la tormenta
    • they managed to weather the oil shortage se las arreglaron para hacerle frente a / para capear la escasez de petróleo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (rock) erosionarse
    (surface) desgastarse
    stone weathers well la piedra resiste bien los efectos de la intemperie