Translation of web in Spanish:


telaraña, n.

Pronunciation: /wɛb//wɛb/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      telaraña feminine
      the spider spins its web la araña teje su tela

    • 1.2(of cloth)

      tejido masculine
      • I need not remind my readers of the connection always maintained in classical poetry and legend between the spider and the weaver, the spinner and the web. Even in our vernacular we speak of ‘the web’ on the loom, and the fable of Arachne has blended itself with almost all thought on the subject.
      • Every woman made her web and bleached it herself, and the price never rose higher than 2 shillings a yard, and with this cloth almost everyone was clothed.

    • 1.3(of cloth, structure)

      a web of intrigue una red de intriga
      • a web of lies una maraña de mentiras

  • 2

    (on bird's, frog's foot)
    membrana interdigital feminine
  • 3

    the Web/web la / el web
    • World Wide Web telaraña mundial