Translation of weblog in Spanish:


weblog, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɛbˌlɔɡ//ˈwɛblɒɡ//ˈwɛbˌlɑɡ/



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    weblog masculine
    bitácora feminine
    • Are you interested in the political implications of weblogs and social software?
    • An asterisk next to the link shows that the weblog was updated within the last 3 hours.
    • I think that is why individual weblogs have an impact where church websites do not.
    • Is there anyone out there who runs a site who feels that weblogs really need validation any more?
    • Blogging is creating your own weblog or blog by writing short entries on a website.
    • Many of the weblogs and sites I consult on a regular basis posted reviews and comments about the film.
    • Since when was it news that some weblogs get more traffic than others?
    • Firstly, let's examine the split between readers with weblogs and readers without weblogs.
    • It is hard designing a personal site with more than just a weblog and has some serious stuff on it.
    • Smart pens have become the latest way to post messages to online diaries, or weblogs, while on the move.
    • I'm still surprised by the number of people in the media who don't know what a weblog or a blog is.
    • Some weblogs actively appeal for people to send them links to stuff that they might like to post about.
    • We also link to some of Britain's best weblogs, if you're looking for inspiration.
    • In my absence, you'll find plenty of fine reading in the weblogs and other sites listed in the sidebar.
    • When I look at other people's weblogs, I find it fascinating to look at photos of the blogger.
    • If you run a weblog or website yourself we are also asking you to join in this campaign on your own site.
    • The site will also feature an hour-by-hour weblog of campaign events and news stories.
    • I think the time has come to accept that people who write weblogs are, at the end of the day, just acting as writers.
    • Maybe clicking through links on various weblogs is not a good idea first thing on a Monday morning.
    • It stands to reason that had the series been set today, Laura would have had a weblog, not a diary.