Translation of website in Spanish:


sitio web, n.

(Web site)


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    sitio web masculine
    • The legislature has passed a law requiring ISPs to block access to child porn websites.
    • It'll take an awful lot more than a few interactive websites to sort that mess out.
    • Strangely enough, this press release also found its way onto some of its member websites.
    • The data will be published to publicly accessible websites provided by the councils.
    • That information's easy to gather for websites who keep track of their visitors.
    • This is not good reporting, and I am upset to see it on the front line of one of my favorite websites.
    • They can also check websites for updates and search for relevant news stories.
    • The survey sought to measure the performance of the websites from a user's perspective.
    • It is increasingly easy for individuals to set up websites quickly and cheaply.
    • Various websites and financial service providers give advice on how best to save.
    • Its database provides lists of websites dealing specifically with user queries.
    • Seemingly, however, this sort of thing seems to be acceptable on websites and in emails.
    • You can set these up to link quickly to more than just applications - websites is one example.
    • Search engines must not provide services or set up any contacts with any of these illegal websites.
    • Blogs are regularly updated websites offering opinion and observation in the style of a diary.
    • If we take a look at each category, it quickly becomes apparent that many websites need to get up to speed.
    • Similarly, agents are creating websites and use email addresses for a few days and then dump them.
    • You can barely move online for websites that promise to find you cheap hostels.
    • Even professional websites do silly things that slow down your internet connection.
    • And the text of many papers will be rich with links to databases and other websites.