Translation of weekend in Spanish:


fin de semana, n.

Pronunciation /wiːkˈɛnd//ˈwiːkɛnd//ˈwikˌɛnd/


  • 1

    fin de semana masculine
    guess who I saw on / (British) at the weekend ¿a que no sabes a quién vi el fin de semana pasado?
    • what are you doing on / (British) at the weekend? ¿qué vas a hacer el fin de semana?
    • weekends (US) or (British) at weekends I generally go fishing los fines de semana suelo ir de pesca

intransitive verb


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    pasar el fin de semana
    • My uncle had a change of heart about weekending with the chairman of the board.
    • I might find some time to post during the weekend, but mostly I'll be weekending.
    • If you're weekending by car, it won't take up much room in the trunk.
    • Vast numbers of Britons have holidayed and weekended there in recent years.
    • Dinner is taken in the homely dining-room, which on our visit had a reassuring mix of regulars and weekending urbanites.
    • When she fails to show, he tracks her all the way to a ski lodge where she's, of course, weekending with a concerned medic.
    • Few of us who have holidayed in Provence or weekended in Paris could dispute the fact that the French tend to aim for quality over quantity.
    • Having lived alone for years - working in London and weekending at her house in the West Country - she has, she admits, become quite selfish.