Translation of weigh in Spanish:


pesar, v.

Pronunciation: /weɪ//weɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person/food/load) pesar
    to weigh oneself pesarse
  • 2

    (evidence/arguments/factors) sopesar
    I'd advise you to weigh your words carefully te aconsejaría que midas tus palabras
    • to weigh sth against sth comparar algo con algo
  • 3

    to weigh anchor levar anclas

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (measure in weight)
    (food/person/load) pesar
    how much / what do you weigh? ¿cuánto pesas?
    • this bag weighs a ton! ¡esta bolsa pesa un quintal / una tonelada!
    • The Australian gold rush of the 1850s generated a huge demand for accurate scales to weigh precious metals and guns to protect the gold bullion.
    • I shall in future weigh, not guess, quantities of rice and pasta.
    • Many industries developed their own very specific scales designed to weigh particular items.
    • We have a scale and offer to weigh members if they choose.
    • A blonde goes into a pharmacy and asks to use the baby scale to weigh the child she has in her arms.
    • We weighed our athletes with accurate scales before a training session, and then again on completion of the session.
    • He said he used the scales to weigh drugs before buying them.
    • The buckets were then weighed and the heaviest amount won.
    • Weighing the infant can be accurate if an electronic scale is used.
    • The smith weighs each coin on a little scale.
    • Scales to weigh the bags were part of the mills' equipment.
    • We finally find a larger scale to weigh the crop.
    • The jury should infer that the applicant had used the scales in order to weigh the drugs before supplying them.
    • Stallholders weigh produce on scales strung from a notched rod, balanced on one finger.
    • Michael, who was so large his GP's scales could not weigh him, has lost almost 20 inches from his waist - and he's still shrinking.
    • There was nothing impulsive about her; she weighed everything, from decisions to her own feelings.
    • Professional opportunities and options are to be weighed and considered before a clear decision can be taken.
    • Nonetheless, he stressed that the matter would have to be carefully weighed by the government before any final decision could be made.
    • Even in instances in which the likelihood of harm appears low, the costs, demands, risks, and benefits must be carefully weighed.
    • Risks and benefits associated with the use of aspirin have to be weighed carefully in any recommendations made by health care professionals.
    • Their points of view have been listened to carefully, balanced, and weighed.
    • In each case trial judges must weigh and balance a catalogue of relevant factors.
    • He is a reserved man who prefers action to words, weighs those he uses carefully, and is not given to shows of emotion.
    • Each issue, whether it involved an individual or an entire community, was weighed carefully.
    • The selection of a particular value for a benefit-cost or net benefit analysis must be carefully weighed against the objectives of the analysis.
    • But this long-term view has to be weighed against all the work that needs to be undertaken now.
    • There is something quiet and assured about her, and when she talks it seems as if she is carefully weighing each of her words before letting them go.
    • On sensitive subjects my words have to be weighed carefully.
    • The totality of the evidence needs to be weighed and assessed.
    • The positive and negative aspects need to be weighed and then a decision is to be taken.
    • Every act must be carefully weighed before a decision is made to see whether it meets the strict ethical criteria.
    • Proposed reforms, therefore, ought to be weighed carefully as to whether they are necessary and whether they are worth the costs.
    • These several costs must be weighed carefully.
    • How is the court to weigh and balance all these claims?
  • 2

    your inexperience will weigh against you tu falta de experiencia será un factor en tu contra
    • my views don't weigh much with him para él mis opiniones no cuentan mucho
    • this weighed heavily in her favor esto la favoreció enormemente