Translation of weigh in in Spanish:

weigh in

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      they haven't weighed in yet aún no los han pesado
      • the champion weighed in at 103kg el campeón pesó 103kg

    • 1.2(at airport)

      facturar el equipaje

    • 1.3(in discussion, conversation)

      to weigh in with sth
      • she weighed in with harsh criticism of our methods intervino criticando duramente nuestros métodos

    • 1.4(help, support)

      arrimar el hombro
      to weigh in with sth contribuir con algo
      • several friends weighed in with offers of help varios amigos se ofrecieron a ayudar

  • 2

    (baggage) pesar
    (baggage) facturar