Translation of weight in Spanish:


peso, n.

Pronunciation /weɪt//weɪt/


  • 1

    (mass, heaviness)
    peso masculine
    it's sold by weight se vende al peso / por peso
    • just feel the weight of it tómale el peso
    • the bag is 5kg in weight la bolsa pesa 5kg
    • what weight are you? ¿cuánto pesas?
    • what's its weight in pounds? ¿cuánto pesa en libras?
    • it's quite a weight es bastante pesado
    • what a weight! ¡qué pesado!
    • cloth of winter/summer weight tela de invierno/verano
    • to lose weight adelgazar
    • she put all her weight on the lever empujó la palanca con todas sus fuerzas
    • don't put any weight on that table no pongas nada de peso sobre esa mesa
    • to take the weight of sth soportar / aguantar el peso de algo
    • the chair won't take your weight la silla no te va a aguantar / no va a aguantar tu peso
    • that has taken a weight off my mind eso me ha sacado un peso de encima
    • He has also tried many kinds of weight-loss medicines only to see his weight keep rising.
    • We connect on small matters, our weight, the weather, nothing more, but nothing less either.
    • Born in Georgetown Hospital in Washington, Margaret came into the world seven-and-a-half pounds in weight.
    • A specific body weight was not strived for.
    • I thought I'd translate my weight from stones to pounds.
    • Now, despite the efforts of doctors, personal trainers, dieticians and the social services her weight has continued to rise.
    • Cowan thinks women who say weight doesn't matter are lying but he hasn't given up hope.
    • Are you going to go from your current weight to your target weight of 120 pounds under this medical regime?
    • I am determined to keep the weight off now and to continue my workouts.
    • We never made fun of her weight directly, no matter how paranoid she was about it.
    • I have lost a pound or two in weight - my boyfriend has lost half a stone - but I don't feel being teetotal has led to a major improvement in my health.
    • He took a step on the platform, his weight causing a loud creak, and froze.
    • In 1990 he climbed Everest, following the footsteps of George Mallory, and lost five stones in weight through the ordeal.
    • He then shifted his position a little and felt the bed sinking downward because of his weight.
    • His weight has risen massively and his body has ballooned.
    • Her speech was affected and she gained two stone in weight.
    • A while back my sister made an effort to gain weight; her body mass index indicated that she was underweight.
    • How has your weight affected your relationship with the women in your life, and with women in general?
    • She stopped, noticing that the wooden planks were giving in to her weight, creaking dangerously.
    • I do not argue that there is no relationship between weight and health.
    • The rise in our weight correlates with the increase in the use of our cars.
    • The most obvious difference is size: relative to body weight, a human brain is twice as big as a chimp brain.
    • Getting enough exercise is a crucial factor in keeping weight at a healthy level.
    • Height, weight, calculated body mass index, and blood pressures were recorded.
    • There are many reasons why controlling our weight is important for most of us.
    • I've begun to lose my hair, I've put on two stone in weight.
    • It was so massive that the floor sank several feet downward under its weight.
    • I crept around my apartment, the floor under my warm beige carpet creaking under my weight with each step that I took.
    • Any athlete needs to consume enough energy to maintain appropriate weight and body composition while training for a sport.
  • 2

    (importance, value)
    peso masculine
    the weight of evidence el peso de las pruebas
    • to give due weight to sth darle la debida importancia a algo
    • Shakespeare's biographers now give full weight to material sidelined by earlier scholars.
    • Any extended treatment of the subject of empire that does not give full weight to the fact that human beings do not want to be ruled by foreigners is worth very little.
    • Too many factors of varying weight and relevance have to be weighed in the balance.
    • The weight to be attributed to such documents varies in each case and will depend on their nature and context.
    • Many primitive societies attach existential weight to the names of things.
    • It's no big deal and no weight should be attached to it.
    • They may not have given sufficient weight to two other factors, one an arguable hypothesis and the other a central fact of British politics.
    • Above all, it is necessary to give full weight to the provisions of Article 5 as a whole.
    • It is difficult for us today to give due weight to taboo factors.
    • He said he had to give considerable weight to that factor.
    • Everything else is of little import, of little weight on the human conscience and pales in significance.
    • The weight, or importance, to be attached to such advice depends on all the circumstances.
    • Alternatively, the PCC give disproportionate weight to this factor.
    • She places a great deal of weight on the cultural influence of the early Barbadian settlers to South Carolina.
    • The FPC attaches great weight to the letters written by you, the students.
    • However, it seems to me that this third factor is of little weight.
    • I think most judges give weight to this factor in reaching their factual conclusions.
  • 3

    • 3.1(unit)

      peso masculine
      weights and measures pesos y medidas
      • We calculate in the same units of weights and measures.
      • The imperial system of weights and measures will no longer be used when quoting prices in euros.
      • It is very important that farmers selling livestock and other products start to think in terms of the metric system of weights and measures such as kilos and litres.
      • We are used to measuring things in terms of various systems of weights and measures.
      • Equally of interest at the exhibition are the charts listing the different quantities and units used for weights and measures in this land.
      • The uniformity of administrative structures was reflected, later, in the imposition of a national, decimal system of weights, measures, and currency.
      • Elaborated between 1790 and 1799, the decimal metric system of weights and measures was zealously promoted under Napoleon.
      • While he ruled, the Tibetan laws, calendar, alphabet, and system of weights and measures were created.
      • The answer is to standardize the system of weights and measures.
      • Certainly we know that the system of weights and measures of the Sumerians do use 1/3 and 2/3 as basic fractions.
      • To the relief of many - although not the younger generation schooled in metric measures - imperial weights look set to be saved.
      • Many happy hours may be spent poring over the 120,000 calculations in a currency and a system of weights and measures long since discarded
      • North of the border, despite similar attempts to disentangle the confusing system of Scottish weights and measures, there was no serious attack on the problem until the Restoration.
      • Along with the cubit, what other weights and measures are found in the Holy Bible?

    • 3.2(system)

      peso masculine

    • 3.3(for scales, clocks)

      pesa feminine
      an 8-oz weight una pesa de 8 onzas
      • You see, all mechanical clocks are driven by a weight, like a pendulum, or a tightly wound spring.
      • There is a set of scales with weights, a rolling pin, a round spice tin, a wooden potato masher, and a butter cooler.
      • Abu Ammar pondered this a moment as he put the bags on the old brass scale and adjusted the weights.
      • Officers found scales, weights, a partially smoked cannabis joint, and about £62 after raiding the house on March 21.
      • We come across bright ideas in books, like over-length lines passed through pulleys under floats and the excess taken up by counter-balancing weights.
      • ‘Um, he and Robbie went to the mall with Tommy,’ I replied, stacking the weights on the counter.
      • And then there are counter-balanced scales, which use a variety of different sized weights to counter balance the weight of the object placed upon them.
      • There are two large weights hung from pulleys behind the clock.
      • Basically it's a series of counterbalanced weights which moves the camera's centre of gravity away from the operator whilst still allowing them to perform camera moves.
      • Choose a moderate weight for this exercise, as the weight is used primarily as a counterbalance.
      • Put the rope on the pulley, drop the weight onto the button, jam the stick onto the hole.
      • People had to carry the scales, accompanying weights, and sometimes even tools to cut the metal, just to be able to transact.
      • Pressure was adjusted by changing the weight placed on the piston.
      • He also obtained a patent for a windlass for raising weights.
      • The radio play powered by pre-electric pulleys and weights, the nuclear holocaust in the title track.

    • 3.4Sport
      (heavy object)

      pesa feminine
      you mustn't lift heavy weights no debe levantar cosas pesadas
      • Some advice she frequently offers to her clients: Don't be afraid to lift heavier weights.
      • Press under kitchen weights and let sit overnight at room temperature.
      • ‘It was then I started lifting heavier weights and then it was suggested that I take up powerlifting,’ she said.
      • Many guys strive to lift heavier weights with the hopes of building more muscle.
      • Many injuries are caused by attempting to lift a weight that is too heavy.
      • As you lift heavier weights, also increase your rest periods between sets to 1-2 minutes.
      • Even lifting heavier weights at fewer repetitions two days a week will more positively affect bone health.
      • It doesn't matter how many weights or fitness regimes I do.
      • Lift with heavier weights and do fewer repetitions - that builds muscle.
      • I favor lighter weights and dumbbells to develop balance, control and coordination.
      • The second thing that I do is I go to the gym and I lift weights.
      • You have to be careful about what you're doing - you wouldn't be allowed to go into the gym and lift the heaviest weights on your first day.
      • Experiment with a variety of weights to determine what you should use.
      • It doesn't matter how many weights I do and fitness regimes I do.
      • We also worked out with weights and used treadmills and stationary bicycles.
      • The sections were forced to march distances of up to 8km over night to reach stand locations carrying weights in excess of 35 kg.
      • The most popular way to increase your strength is to lift weights.
      • When he wasn't working he'd often be found at the gym where he lifted weights.
      • On the weekends we would kick back and have recreation time, we could play dominoes, basketball, handball, or lift weights.
      • That's why you've got to keep lifting heavier and heavier weights.
      • They run, play tennis and lift heavier and heavier weights, long after their joints can no longer take the pressure.
      • We practice slowly lifting heavier weights to work all my body parts.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make heavier)
    darle peso a
    (fishing net) lastrar
    • The traps are typically positioned on the sea floor and heavily weighted to keep them in place.
    • To make sure that the roots stay submerged, tie them gently with a piece of string that has been weighted with a stone.
    • From her right hand dangled a length of line, weighted by a piece of lead in the size and shape of a split pea.
    • Her neck is hung with crucifixes and beads, while her wrists are weighted with bands of stainless steel.
    • Billy's hammock had been weighted with shot and his body was thrown into the sea.
    • A matching robe is enclosed by a maroon silk sash, weighted with more gems.
  • 2

    (in statistics)
    weighted average media ponderada feminine
    • weighted index índice ponderado
    • Interviews were conducted across the country and the results have been weighted to represent the profile of all adults.
    • These factors are statistically weighted as to importance, and relative values are assigned.
    • Because the true probability of each adolescent being selected is known, the sample can be weighted to represent all Rochester public school students.
    • Each of the women's responses was assessed with the value weighted on each variable to develop a profile of her psychological attitude during pregnancy.
    • Every generation the mean inbreeding coefficient of the population was calculated from pedigree relationships, weighted by the different numbers of males and females.
    • However, note that values should be weighted by their probabilities given the data.
    • The interview agenda of general topical areas should be weighted by relative importance, as suggested by the following.
    • Because the deep integration design uses all the raw data in the Kalman filter, all data can be weighted equally.
    • The sample of survey recipients selected was weighted using these percentages.
    • Research shows that the measurements, properly weighted, can replicate the impact of horses' hooves on the ground.
    • All characters were coded as unordered and weighted equally.
    • Data were transformed into presence/absence counts for all comparisons allowing species to be equally weighted.
    • Because the true probability of selection is known, the panel can be weighted to represent the cohort of all seventh and eighth graders in the Rochester public schools in 1988.
  • 3

    to be weighted against/in favor of sb perjudicar/favorecer a algn