Translation of weight gain in Spanish:

weight gain

aumento de peso, n.


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    aumento de peso masculine
    • But because of her weight gain, her doctor warned that her health would continue to deteriorate.
    • He often eats there after a match, which he feels could also contribute to his weight gain.
    • She said such intolerances were being used as an excuse for weight gain, instead of cutting down on food and doing more exercise.
    • If taken regularly, it can help to control weight gain, by making your body less effective at storing fat.
    • Open any national newspaper and you will find her plastered all over the pages, largely on the grounds of her weight gain.
    • Unless lean muscle is built by exercise, weight gain means mostly more body fat.
    • This equates to about 9 months' growth and weight gain in an average child around this age.
    • They will also help scientists looking into the problem of increasing weight gain and obesity.
    • Morbid obesity is the medical term for weight gain which is so excessive it puts the child's health at immediate risk.
    • In the past the hospital dealt with only occasional cases among children of type two diabetes, which is associated with weight gain.
    • High GI foods have been linked with an increased risk of weight gain, heart disease and diabetes.
    • I'm glad I chose to stop smoking, and grateful I've successfully avoided too much weight gain.
    • Scientists did not yet know whether the degree of obesity, or the age that weight gain occurs, made a difference to the risk.
    • Unfortunately, neither doctors nor patients have fully adopted the view that just limiting weight gain is success.
    • Unless their diet is carefully controlled weight gain can be very rapid, leading to obesity, disease and even an early death.
    • Two weeks earlier she had complained of increasing tiredness, constipation, dry skin, and weight gain.
    • Others may have to contend with weight gain, facial hair and acne.
    • The authors say the increase could be linked to weight gain after the smokers quit, or a shift in body fat distribution.
    • I guess the kebab and the eight bars of chocolate she later admitted to eating were also contributing factors to her weight gain.
    • During periods of rapid weight gain, skin stretches to accommodate increased body volume.