Translation of weird in Spanish:


raro, adj.

Pronunciation /wɪəd//wɪrd/


  • 1informal

    (person/clothes/idea) raro
    (person/clothes/idea) extraño
    all sorts of weird and wonderful things las cosas más increíbles
    • she gave us some weird and wonderful explanation nos dio una explicación inverosímil
    • I know this is crazy, but I honestly feel that there was some kind of weird connection there.
    • I have managed to unearth yet more weird and almost unbelievable tales from this strange civilisation.
    • I love that I can experience different, strange, weird and wonderful things wherever I go.
    • I don't wear lenses normally, so it was a bit weird putting something in my eye and, like, leaving it there.
    • Then, at midday, a weird sound came over the flat water - a mysterious, whale-like noise.
    • I think we're good together - I think you're a bit weird.
    • A weird supernatural calamity has thrust part of Japan up into the air like a tower.
    • Contact lenses are a bit weird, you can't really feel them but you're aware that they're there.
    • Sounds emitted from the bushes: weird uncanny sounds made by unknown animals, for all sorts of things lived in forests.
    • I heard some kind of weird sound that came from the sea.
    • Going home last weekend was a bit weird; it no longer feels like ‘home’ as I've probably not spent much more than a month there in the last two and a bit years.
    • Now that it's all over, I feel exhausted and a little weird.
    • By some weird act of fate, every single photograph she had of him had been destroyed in a fire that irreparably damaged her home, exactly one year after it had all happened.
    • In a weird turn of fate, the library conference I am going to is walking distance from his house in Adelaide.
    • Nevertheless, the story strikes me as a little weird.
    • It was called the ‘Black Hole’ and was as dark and weird as its name suggests.
    • ‘Well, let's keep going and keep an eye out for anything weird,’ suggested Celine.
    • Erin was about to say something when the weird bell sounded again and the students filed onto the field, and all at the same time, stopped and looked over to the cameras.
    • It is a bit weird to phone her up out of the blue and just ask her out, unless you look like Brad Pitt that is!
    • We're going to see some fairly weird and wonderful looking footwear.
    • The astronomers realised that a normal red supergiant alone could not have given rise to such a weird supernova.
    • It was a weird twist of fate that threw us together, tore us apart, and threw us back together again.
    • To tell the truth it's a bit weird being out here on my own.
    • The team has been connected to some weird incidents this summer.
    • It was a long forgotten detail connected to her weird visions.
    • Isn't it a bit weird, conducting an imaginary interview with yourself, on a blog already devoted to furthering your growing egomania?
    • At that moment we came around a bend and heard a weird sound.
    • But things work out for the best sometimes, and fate acts in weird ways.
    • He does a weird pantomime suggesting a dance, his hands making pinching motions in the air.
    • He enjoyed mixing traditional pop sounds with weird instruments like the French Horn.
    • The atmosphere was a little weird to put it mildly.
    • All around the city there were street parties, family fun days and a mass of weird and wonderful events all specifically designed for people to have fun and help a very worthy cause.
    • Thousands of people have experienced mysterious lights and weird sounds above the ancient fort at Cley Hill during the past 40 years.
    • Hundreds of bargain hunters flocked to Leeds at the weekend to snap up the uniquely weird and wonderful outfits being sold by Opera North's costume department.
    • The weather does seem to have become a little weird lately.
  • 2

    (happenings/apparition/figure) misterioso