Translation of welfare in Spanish:


bienestar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwɛlˌfɛr//ˈwɛlfɛː/


  • 1

    bienestar masculine
    • It is your programme in writing for managing health, safety and welfare within your business.
    • We have been let down by people who should have been looking after Laura's health and welfare and we are all devastated.
    • It's total disregard for the financial and emotional welfare of everyone involved.
    • The confidentiality was agreed to protect the interests and welfare of the student.
    • All or most states already have laws to protect the health and welfare of animals.
    • They should not only care for the welfare of the children, but should also have financial knowledge.
    • However, housing some birds would not be in their interest where health and welfare is concerned.
    • Its bosses say they are looking to reduce sugar and fat for the health and welfare of us all.
    • The agency said the decision was taken to ensure the children's safety and welfare.
    • He had no thought but for me, my welfare, my comfort, my safety, my happiness.
    • He said that the health, safety and welfare of officers was always of concern.
    • Provision for the pupils' care, health, safety and welfare is very good.
    • We need to ensure that no one has to put the health and welfare of his or her family at risk in order to keep a job.
    • He has not been heard from since, and there are grave concerns for his safety and welfare.
    • Our paramount concerns are for his and other patient's welfare and safety.
    • He was found guilty of failing to ensure the health, safety and welfare of his employees.
    • If you are interested in animal welfare there are two young dogs urgently in need of homes.
    • This type of cost cutting threatens the health and welfare of local residents.
    • After a month or so a programme of home visits begins, and enquiries are made about the health and general welfare of each family.
    • There's an interesting conference about animal welfare going on somewhere at the moment.
    • Their help and support over the past few months have made an immense difference to the welfare and happiness of our family.
    • Tributes are being paid to a North Yorkshire woman who was devoted to the protection and welfare of cats.
  • 2

    • 2.1(assistance)

      asistencia social feminine
      (program) (before noun) de asistencia social
      welfare organization organización de asistencia social feminine
      • What got me back was that I was on food stamps and welfare and I had a family to support.
      • The implications for long-term funding of welfare and pensions is profound.
      • Welfare benefits are being reduced and new provisions introduced to restrict access to welfare.
      • We must look behind these numbers to see if how families fare after leaving welfare.
      • The workers are demanding an expansion and prompt payment of welfare benefits to the unemployed.
      • Dependency on welfare was growing and approaching the peak it would reach in 1995.
      • America, rightly or wrongly, spends a great deal on welfare.
      • We know that real jobs are a better guarantee of prosperity for the unemployed than welfare.
      • First, cuts in welfare and other social programs have reduced government health insurance.
      • A decade ago, some Chumash still relied on welfare and donated clothing.
      • The Government wants to keep putting up taxes in order to support its welfare expenditure.

    • 2.2US (payment)

      (feminine plural) prestaciones sociales
      to be on welfare recibir prestaciones de la seguridad social