There are 2 main translations of well in Spanish

: well1well2


bien, adv.

Pronunciation: /wɛl//wɛl/


  • 1

    (to high standard, satisfactorily)
    (sing/write/work) bien
    I can't swim as well as he can no sé nadar tan bien como él
    • he's managing as well as can be expected se las arregla bien dentro de lo que cabe
    • I explained it as well as I could lo expliqué lo mejor que pude
    • well said! ¡bien dicho!
    • to do well
    • you did very well lo hiciste muy bien
    • he's doing very well le van muy bien las cosas
    • she did well in history le fue muy bien en historia
    • I think I did quite well to get 30% creo que no estuve nada mal sacándome el 30%
    • mother and baby are both doing well madre e hijo se encuentran muy bien
    • he's done well for himself se ha sabido forjar una posición
    • well done! ¡así se hace!
    • to go well salir bien
    • to live well vivir bien
  • 2

    (wash/dry/know) bien
    I can well understand your concern entiendo perfectamente su preocupación
    • it was well worth the effort realmente valió la pena
    • I'm only too well aware of the danger me doy perfecta cuenta del peligro
    • he knows only too well that … bien sabe / sabe de sobra que …
    • well and truly
    • our team was well and truly beaten nuestro equipo recibió una soberana paliza
    • I'm well and truly fed up estoy requeteharto
    • he was well and truly drunk estaba pero bien borracho / completamente borracho
    • to be well away
    • the thieves will be well away by now los ladrones ya deben estar lejos
    • two beers and he's well away con dos cervezas le alcanza para ponerse alegre
  • 3

    • 3.1(considerably)

      I was home well before two llegué a casa bastante antes de las dos
      • until well into the next century hasta bien entrado el siglo que viene
      • From that moment on I vowed to plan my costume well in advance and put a little thought into it.
      • The engine temperature shot up to well over 100 degrees and I had no choice but to bring the car into the pits.
      • Mr Waters was happy to see that preparations for the arrival of the birds are well in hand.
      • All of these roadworks were planned well before the holding of a referendum was considered and decided upon.
      • With extension plans well underway, work is expected to be completed by the end of next year.
      • I thought given the circumstances it was best to keep you well anesthetized during your ordeal.
      • ‘You're supposed to travel along it,’ said a small boy with a raspy voice that was well out of proportion with his body size.
      • He lost his highly-paid job with a Fortune 500 and was unemployed for well over a year.
      • Many of the impacts of human activities are well documented and understood.
      • They worship a great force, an entity, which could probably be well likened to Mother Nature.
      • That plan appeared to be well on course until a flurry of wickets shortly after tea had West Indies wobbling.
      • I have not been informed and clearly witnesses have to be told well in advance so they can plan around the dates.
      • They had travelled south from York to seek fame and fortune, and seemed well on the way to finding both.
      • The text is well illustrated with plans and many photographs of the exterior of the complex.
      • We rate our job satisfaction well below those in most other western countries rate theirs.
      • The annual school tour plans are well underway and parents will be notified in due course.
      • The key to planning a holiday for a large party is to book well in advance to ensure you all fly together and stay in the same hotel.
      • It was a fabulous gig, and the fans were so revved up by the event that we all must have stayed up well past 11.35 pm.
      • Plans to extend the fishery are well advanced and it is hoped to commence work in the next few weeks.
      • The fact that well over a thousand people signed your petition shows it struck a chord with your readers.

    • 3.2(with justification)

      how did he pay for it? — you may well ask! ¿y cómo lo pagó? — ¡muy buena pregunta!
      • she was horrified, as well she might be se horrorizó, y con razón
      • she couldn't very well deny it ¿cómo iba a negarlo?

  • 4

    • 4.1(advantageously)

      (marry) bien
      to do well to + inf deber + inf
      • you'd do well to bear that in mind harías bien en / deberías tenerlo en cuenta
      • she'd be well advised to see a lawyer sería aconsejable que consultara a un abogado
      • to come off well/ do well out of sth salir bien parado de algo
      • I'm well out of that job gracias a Dios me libré de aquel trabajo
      • Olga predicated that it would him and myself who would marry well into St Petersburg society.
      • She had been considered very attractive when she was younger, and had married well at the time.
      • Men controlled the fates of women, whose expected aim in life was to marry well.
      • They were a family line who seemed to have specialised in marrying well.

    • 4.2(favorably)

      to speak well of sb hablar bien de algn
      • to think well of sb tener buena opinión de algn

  • 5

    • 5.1(in addition)

      as well también
      • are they coming as well? ¿ellos también vienen?
      • and she lied to me as well! ¡y además me mintió!

    • 5.2(in addition to)

      as well as además de
      • he designs as well as makes them además de hacerlos los diseña
      • as well as that, there's the question of money aparte / además de eso está la cuestión del dinero
      • at night as well as during the day tanto de noche como durante el día
      • I can't carry his bags as well as my own no puedo llevar mis maletas y las suyas

    • 5.3

      may/might as well
      • I might as well not bother, for all the notice they take para el caso que me hacen, no sé por qué me molesto / no vale la pena que me moleste
      • why don't we finish it while we're at it? — we may as well! ¿ya que estamos por qué no lo terminamos? — pues sí ¿por qué no?
      • now you've told him, you may as well give it to him! ahora que se lo has dicho dáselo ¿total?


  • 1

    to be well estar bien
    • you look well tienes buena cara / buen aspecto
    • how are you? — I'm very well, thank you ¿cómo estás? — muy bien, gracias
    • he's not a well man no tiene muy buena salud
    • get well soon! ¡que te mejores!
  • 2

    (pleasing, satisfactory)
    all is not well algo va mal
    • is all well with your family? ¿tu familia? ¿todos bien?
    • that's all well and good, but … todo eso está muy bien, pero …
    • it's all very well for him to talk, but … él podrá decir todo lo que quiera pero …
    • all's well that ends well bien está lo que bien acaba
  • 3formal

    (desirable, advisable)
    it would be well if … sería conveniente que …
  • 4

    as well también
    • it would be as well to keep this quiet mejor no decir nada de esto
    • it's just as well I've got some money with me menos mal que llevo dinero encima
    • I didn't see her this morning — that's just as well esta mañana no la vi — pues menos mal / mejor para ti


  • 1

    (introducing topic, sentence)
    well, shall we get started? bueno / bien ¿empezamos?
    • well now / then, what's the problem? a ver ¿qué es lo que pasa?
  • 2

    well, as I was saying … bien / bueno, como iba diciendo …
  • 3

    (expressing hesitation)
    well, I'll have to think about it pues no sé, tendré que pensarlo
    • he's a bit, well, you know, stupid es un poco … bueno tú ya sabes, tonto
    • do you like it? — well … ¿te gusta? — este …
  • 4

    (expressing surprise)
    well, well, well! look who's here! ¡vaya, vaya! / ¡anda! ¡mira quién está aquí!
    • well, I never / never did! ¡qué increíble!
    • well, I'll be! ¡mira tú!
  • 5

    (expressing indignation)
    well! if that's how you feel … ! bueno, si eso es lo que piensas …
    • well! he can talk! ¡mira quién para hablar!
  • 6

  • 7

    (expressing resignation)
    (oh) well, that's the way it goes bueno … ¡qué se le va a hacer!
    • (oh) well, you can always try again bueno, hombre, se puede volver a intentar
  • 8

    (expressing expectation)
    well? I'm listening bien, tú dirás
    • well? who won? bueno ¿y quién ganó?
  • 9

    (expressing skepticism)
    (yes,) well, that remains to be seen (sí,) bueno, eso está por verse

There are 2 main translations of well in Spanish

: well1well2


pozo, n.


  • 1

    • Lessons are well planned and build well on what pupils have learnt before.
    • Fortunately, it's worked out well and been a financial success, but did we know that going in?
    • Obviously it would have been a disappointment had I not gotten the job, but luckily things worked out well.
    • Although I'm not very good at musical instruments it worked out quite well.
    • He thought that if my baby was born now, at 36 weeks, it would fare quite well.
    • We think we have modernised quite well in this town and in the county.
    • The gaming done, I began my performance of festive music, which seemed to go down quite well.
    • Egg, Morgan Stanley and Tesco Personal Finance also fared well, with four stars each.
    • Sparky would make an ideal family pet as he responds well to praise and attention and is friendly towards people.
    • Remember that red onions store less well than white, so use them first.
    • This should be a very tough contest as both teams have performed well during the year.
    • You can tell when the team has played well or badly by the atmosphere in every pub, club, shop, office and factory.
    • With the Community Hall progressing well, local clubs are planning for the future.
    • He's got a good all-round game, he volleys well and people don't give him a lot of credit for that.
    • Why are firms doing quite well when the economy is doing rather badly?
    • And the fact that things are going so well on the football front has made settling in a lot easier.
    • I think once people start wearing them around and start blogging about them, they'll sell quite well.
    • We compare quite well with other services in the South West on this issue.
    • The first phase has sold well, and profits from this will be realised in the second half.
    • My mash was creamy and tasty, and the leeks complemented the hotpot well.
    • Does the ability to play the keyboard or bat well on a cricket team really matter?
    • You can't know how well you will perform under stress until you encounter it.
    • I have been sleeping well the last few nights and my mood has been pretty good.
    • Ensure you get plenty of sleep, eat well, and take breaks between exam and study periods.
    • I'll say upfront that I really don't function well without regular quality sleep.
    • What the committee saw in fact was a course which stood up remarkably well to the almost unrelenting rain.
    • They knew which teams were doing well and which players were on form.
    • Davies says music is taught well in Orkney and he links that to the fact that almost every child goes to the local high school.
    • If Fernando has done well there is praise, if he had been booked or cost Rangers a goal there is criticism and a tantrum.
    • Here was a woman who had done her best to raise her family well in difficult circumstances.
    • Given he stated it did not translate, I think he translated it quite well.
    • I do not want the outcome of a big game coming down to how well the ref tosses up the ball.
    • Both teams started well then hit a trouble patch, and both are working on next-to-nothing budgets.
    • Once a month they will get the chance to sell shares that are not doing well and buy profitable ones.
    • In fact, we hit it off so well that we ended up talking for more than five hours that afternoon.
    • I've always run really well in practice, and I have been fortunate to qualify well.
    • Their last album did extraordinarily well, and now people are looking to them to be the future of music.
    • The ciabatta, crisp and coated in garlic was an excellent accompaniment and mixed well with the coulee.
    • Britain is doing quite well at reducing emissions, concedes John Whitelegg of the SEI.
    • The truth is that if companies do well and grow their profits over time, their shares will increase in value.
    • Open the can of milk and pour into the whipped cream; mix well and then fold in the egg whites.
    • Purée and pass through a fine sieve, combine with the potato purée, mix well and place in a piping bag.
    • Mix well and spray thoroughly over both sides of the foliage and onto the offending pest.
    • Add some finely ground sweet almonds and mix well to form a smooth, easy to spread paste.
    • When the vegetables have softened, add all the peas and stir them well into the vegetable mix.
    • Warm the rum in a small saucepan and add to the fruit, mix well and let the mixture stand for at least a day but up to three.
    • The waste matter would have to be chopped and mixed fairly well in the earth.
    • Dissolve one cup of washing soda in a litre of hot water and add the soap solution, mixing well.
    • Stir in the pasta, season with salt and pepper, and mix it well with the tomatoes and herbs.
    • Most cookbooks get over this difficult stage by saying mix thoroughly and knead well.
    • Combine mandarins, egg mixture, almonds and baking powder in a large bowl and mix well.
    • Wash basmati well to get rid of the extra starch and give it a good stir when you add it to the water.
    • Mix all the ingredients well before adding only enough water to make the mixture moist.
    • Mix well - no dry ingredients should be visible and the mixture should be quite firm.
    • Gently stir together the first six ingredients with a pinch of salt until well mixed.
    • Tim stirred it well, to mix in all the little left behind bits of fried chicken, garlic and breadcrumbs.
    • Fold in the mayonnaise and sour cream, season to taste and mix gently but well.
    • The pectin didn't blend well into the liquid, so to get rid of any lumps, I used a hand blender.
    • Stir in the rice and break up any clumps so that all the grains get coated individually and everything mixes up well.
    • Fold together with a wooden spoon until the fish is well mixed through.
    • 1.1(for water)

      pozo masculine
      aljibe masculine
      • Water from the wells is piped up to ground level where exchangers heat and cool it as needed.
      • The residents said they depended on rain water or untreated water from wells and were sometimes forced to walk long distances in search of the commodity.
      • In India, more farmers now provide their own water via wells and pumps than rely on the government's irrigation system, which is based on a network of canals.
      • The water system has meant improved health among residents, who now need to spend less time carrying water from wells distant from their homes.
      • One of the major advantages of a rig this size is that it can drill large diameter water wells, up to 500 mm to depths of 500 metres.
      • Although present in air, helium is commercially obtained from natural gas wells where it occurs in concentrations of between one and seven percent of the natural gas.
      • Considerations are now in progress to allocate a budget to drill 401 bore water wells for consumers and farmers.
      • On the arid plains of northern China, the depletion of shallow reservoirs has forced people to sink wells into aquifers more than 1 km below the surface.
      • Water flooding involves drilling water injection wells in a reservoir and pumping water into the field to push the oil towards the oil producing well bores.
      • To ensure a reliable water supply for their garden and the house he sank two wells.
      • Most drinking water comes from municipal reservoirs, but people in isolated areas get their drinking water from wells.
      • New water wells and treatment facilities are in the progress of being constructed in addition to new delivery pipes being installed.
      • The water available in villages is drawn from wells sunk in tanks and lakes.
      • Water companies have hundreds of different sources from rivers and reservoirs to ground water supplies and wells.
      • Results also show that 90 percent of those who participated in the study use their wells for drinking water.
      • Even today, across many remote areas of the United States, wind-powered pumps draw water from wells to fill livestock watering troughs.
      • A geothermal heating system harvests local energy from the site by drawing water from forty wells extending four-hundred feet below ground level.
      • Water for human consumption was traditionally obtained from wells, ponds, or rivers.
      • Different concentrations of ground water nitrate were obtained by drilling irrigation wells into two aquifers.
      • Today, industrial energy moves water from wells beneath the earth, from river channels and over hills.

    • 1.2(for oil, gas)

      pozo masculine

  • 2

    • 2.1(for stairs)

      caja de la escalera feminine
      hueco de la escalera masculine
      • Skylights threw wells of illumination down through the still air into the hall, spotlighting the black and white tiled floor.
      • You can apply insecticide around doors, windows, and vents, outside stairwells, window wells, along foundation, under lip of siding.
      • She places the pots in her home's window wells and covers them with leaves.
      • A video taken on April 8, 2000 shows leaking in the window wells on the north face.
      • During the night a shell had fallen into the well of the building in which she and her husband had their flat.
      • Inspect and clean gutters, leaders, window wells and drains of all leaves and debris and make sure gutters are firmly secure to the house.
      • White skylight wells - set above exposed rafters - bounce and diffuse sunlight into the room below, reinforcing the open, airy feeling.
      • Window wells and stairwells can present problems.
      • Hundreds of builders work like ants to construct walls, foundations, stairs, lift wells.
      • The city provided sandbags and sand at its public works yard, he said, noting most people trying to prevent water from coming in through basement window wells needed relatively few sandbags.
      • It took four years and over £1m to build the Midland, its six storeys arranged in a figure of eight around two wells, allowing as much natural light to the interior as possible.
      • It is pulled inside and set in place before the front center console, lighted front door step wells and rear ‘kick guards’ are installed.
      • Using tinted glazing and deep, light-diffusing wells can help to compensate for this shortcoming, though neither is really a remedy.
      • A train of skylights with tangerine wells sprays color into an otherwise routine hallway.

    • 2.2(British) (for ventilation)

      patio masculine
      patio de luces masculine
      patio de luz masculine
      pozo de aire masculine

    • 2.3(in UK lawcourt)

      • Also, only members of the bar are to be seated inside the rail and in the well of the Court.
      • To summarize, spoken language interpreters are stationed in the well of the courtroom only when there is a NES witness involved.
      • Other copies of which are available in the well of the court for any member of the public who wishes to read it.

      área donde se sientan los abogados

  • 3

    to wish sb well desearle suerte a algn

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (water) manar
    (water) brotar
    the tears welled to her eyes se le llenaron los ojos de lágrimas