Translation of well-balanced in Spanish:


equilibrado, adj.

Pronunciation /wɛlˈbalənst/


  • 1

    (person) equilibrado
    (diet) equilibrado
    (diet) balanceado
    • He is a well-balanced boy with a clear understanding of what is right and wrong, and always gets an explanation when smacked.
    • It's important too to find normal, sane and mentally well-balanced people to be around with.
    • I think the fact that I know and understand this is what makes me a very well-balanced individual.
    • Many apparently well-balanced people have no strength of character.
    • Sensitivity is a good thing but more important is to be emotionally well-balanced.
    • She takes great pains to explain that May is happy, settled, well-balanced and at a good school.
    • I am fairly well-balanced psychologically and understand my own transformations well.
    • Today, it is assumed that motherhood is a stressor and that the demands of parenting are likely to tip formerly well-balanced women over the edge.
    • The final three are extremely well-balanced characters who come from different football backgrounds.
    • Today, she is well-balanced and honest and she told me her story.
    • For instance, Mariese is a very rational, well-balanced person and does not believe in fate.