Translation of well-behaved in Spanish:


que se porta bien, adj.

Pronunciation /wɛlbɪˈheɪvd//ˌwɛlbiˈheɪvd/


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    (child) que se porta bien
    (child) bueno
    (dog) obediente
    • Most of the people on the slopes were Austrians, and they were impeccably well-behaved and courteous.
    • Now I spent the day in a town of 120,000, about 100 miles from Moscow called Clean, and I have never seen such well-mannered, such well-behaved and such ardent voters.
    • They described him as a well-behaved, shy boy with good manners and an angelic face.
    • The end, which is to bring up well-behaved, considerate and law-abiding citizens, justifies the means a thousand-fold.
    • These fine young gentleman were well-behaved and very mannerly.
    • My charming, loving, sweet, gentle, handsome, well-behaved son had emptied a bottle of nail polish remover.
    • If you encounter children who are well-behaved, considerate, remarkable, tell the parents how much you appreciate their commitment to raising these kinds of kids.
    • ‘I took most of the calls, and the people were very polite and well-behaved,’ said Meier.
    • Whenever we go anywhere with them people remark on the fact that they are really polite and well-behaved.
    • They are all polite, well-behaved and well-motivated lads and their neighbours of all generations are proud of them.
    • We all have a responsibility to deal with people who are drunk and to make sure when bars close people leave in a well-behaved manner.
    • Uncharacteristically reticent tonight, Dan seems to be assuming yet another identity: the polite, well-behaved son.
    • She said: ‘He was a very polite, well-behaved and quiet young boy.’
    • The crowd at The Roxy was uniformly young, well-coiffed, and well-behaved.
    • Of course there are many well-behaved classes, efficiently disciplined by dedicated teachers.