Translation of well-constructed in Spanish:


bien construido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌwɛlkənˈstrʌktɪd/


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    bien construido
    • There is is a safe and well constructed play area and a selection of small farm animals which can be fed with food bought from the Gallery.
    • Many air bed pumps are not that well made and have a tendency to fail at the worst times. - Look for well constructed pumps that can do the job and don't sound like a leaf blower.
    • Some of their number began hurling javelins and knives at their hidden tormenters, but these either fell short or stuck like pins in the well-constructed barriers.
    • He walked through the hallways of this well-constructed building.
    • Even in the well-constructed buildings in California, designed to withstand massive quakes, we cower in primal fear when we face nature's wrath.