Translation of well-done in Spanish:


bien cocido, adj.

Pronunciation /wɛlˈdʌn/


  • 1

    (meat) bien cocido
    (meat) muy hecho Spain
    • Now she sat in a small, rather dirty tavern, pretending the meat in front of her was a well-done steak.
    • We used to be able to eat our meat without it being well-done and cooked to a certain internal temperature.
    • All the meats should be well-done after one hour.
    • I asked for a well-done steak and it turned up just as I ordered, well presented, along with one of those little salad bowls that arrives drowned in thousand island dressing, regrettably too sweet and too much.
    • Go and prepare dinner, Anton, and please make the meat well-done.
    • I took dinner with Ian while a hungry Ahmad enjoyed his well-done steak earlier.
    • I suggest you combine this therapy with a strict diet of milk, well-done steak and more milk for the ultimate in healthy complexions.
    • A dish of veal medallions turned out to be more like well-done, dryish filets of baby beef.
  • 2

    (essay/play) bien hecho
    • She has never married, knowing even then her intense and frequent high school flirtations were an imitation, a well-done performance, expressing social not biological pressures.
    • The story was a little disjointed at first, but as the film went on it started to weave seamlessly together, and although I had figured out how it was going to end, it was so well-done that I didn't care.
    • In some ways, it's a well-done film with some strong performances and a comprehensible step-by-step depiction of the Cuban missile crisis.
    • It was very well done, although the fireworks didn't come across all that well on TV.
    • We also know that it is better to acknowledge when work is below one's high standards, rather than letting it sit next to the kind that is well-done and written with integrity.
    • The party was well-done: it was held at the Taj hotel.
    • He was a conscientious and hard-working man who always liked to see a job well done.
    • Do readers really care how we got the story, or will they be satisfied with a well-done piece itself?
    • Last Sunday I watched an exceptionally well-done TV documentary featuring the plight of school-age children of migrant workers.
    • It offers just as much humour as suspense, and both elements are extremely well done.
    • This film is, hands-down, one of the most successful examples of well-done visual effects in cinema ever.
    • While I didn't think the movie itself was that frightening, I thought that the video within the movie was extremely creepy and well-done.
    • And yet, for all its faults, it was very exciting and a lot of it was very well done.