Translation of well-favored in Spanish:


bien parecido, adj.

(British well-favoured)

Pronunciation /ˌwɛlˈfeɪvəd/

adjectivewell favored


  • 1

    bien parecido dated
    • Leon was popular and well favored.
    • They soon picked him out as a lad who listened closely and remembered well; he was in those days well favoured, and pleasing in his behaviour.
    • The star of the appellation is Roc des Combes, produced on a particularly well-favoured site on the Gironde itself.
    • Joseph was a goodly person, and well favoured.
    • The Carlow clubs have been reasonably well favoured by the luck of the draw.
    • The more ambitious and well favoured tend to become obtrusive, and, eventually, inevitably, an embarrassment to their masters.
    • We live in one of the most well-favored parts of the world here and the abuse is unacceptable and very sad.