Translation of well-fed in Spanish:


bien alimentado, adj.

Pronunciation /wɛlˈfɛd/


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    bien alimentado
    • They're responding to you because you're so clearly well-fed.
    • Right now, we're sustaining life and making sure that people are well-fed.
    • A well-fed child is energetic and ready to learn and play.
    • Children with low birth weight have greater chances of growing obese when well-fed later.
    • Fresh juice, homemade muesli, toast, eggs, coffee - it's no wonder I soon acquired the appearance of a sleek, well-fed cat.
    • He was a well-fed man with a plump belly and thick arms and legs.
    • When lives are saved in catastrophes, there follows the task of guaranteeing that survivors are kept warm, well-fed and provided with medical care.
    • Children should be well-fed but never be overfed.
    • Neither Europe nor America has ever been so wealthy, their citizens so well-fed, healthy, well-paid, secure from harm.
    • I had to flatten myself against the wall to allow fully-laden groaning shopping trolleys, with well-fed pushers, make their way for the car park.
    • In contrast, some residents of the French Quarter appear comfortable, well-fed and relaxed.
    • A well-fed and entertained group makes for a happy bus ride.