Translation of well-heeled in Spanish:


platudo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌwɛlˈhild//wɛlˈhiːld/



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    platudo South America informal
    de pelas Spain informal
    they're well heeled tienen plata informal
    • Holding on to those well-heeled citizens is crucial.
    • She is not rich like them, or like the well-heeled doctors you find in every corner of the country.
    • Sadly, only the well-heeled can afford the comfort and security of quality old age homes.
    • The crowd was quite ethnically diverse and looked well-heeled.
    • The people seeking such isolation are often the rich and well-heeled escaping the money-making grind of London or the central belt.
    • Martin believes well-heeled communities that use city services, including galleries and libraries, should help to pay for them.
    • Ex-prisoners and food-stamp recipients worship with the well-heeled and educated.
    • The gap in wealth and income between the new entrants and the well-heeled countries that drive the Union is worryingly large.
    • The more well-heeled customers have parked their Ladas, Peugeots, or Fiats in the gigantic parking lot.
    • A well-heeled urban escapee who could hire a decent architect could turn this into a smart holiday home.
    • The mills are silent now, but well-heeled people still clamour to purchase any properties that become available in Rosemount.
    • How else to explain why discerning, well-heeled travellers are attracted to a tiny, scrubby island stuck in a 1970s time warp?
    • The food here is excellent, and even before its formal opening as a hotel, the restaurant was already popular with well-heeled locals.
    • It's Friday night and I'm sitting in a vet's practice in a smart part of London with 15 well-heeled strangers.
    • At the panel's close, well-heeled participants flocked to the edge of the stage to collect the rocker's autograph.
    • The well-heeled and well-connected often flew to Puerto Rico or Sweden and checked into clinics.