Translation of well-made in Spanish:


bien hecho, adj.

Pronunciation /wɛlˈmeɪd//ˌwɛlˈmeɪd/


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    bien hecho
    • It's a beautiful film, well-made, superbly acted.
    • The well-made film captures its target audience and amuses adults as well.
    • Good restaurants have their own specialities, comfortable environment, heartfelt service and well-made dishes.
    • Although the divergent styles will result in fans having a clear favorite between the two films, both are solid, well-made movies.
    • I try to buy clothes that are well-made, durable, and that I can move in.
    • Their hypothesis was quite simple: there is a mainstream audience for well-made films that have the power to inspire on important issues.
    • When goods are well-made and durable, eventually markets are saturated.
    • It's all a light-colored wood, solid and well-made.
    • It sounds like it's well-made and interesting but perhaps it's something to save for a more positive moment.
    • It's a heavy, stable, well-made platform capable of spitting out thousands of 230-grain projectiles without requiring repairs.
    • It is not often that credit for a well-made Hindi film is given to the script writer.