Translation of well-nigh in Spanish:


prácticamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈwɛl ˈˌnaɪ///


  • 1

    (impossible/destitute) prácticamente
    (impeccable) casi
    • ‘It is an uphill and well-nigh impossible task,’ he wrote.
    • I'm sorry, but accurately predicting costs is well-nigh impossible… there are just too many variables.
    • It has become well-nigh impossible for many Scottish firms to renew their employers' liability cover.
    • I thought I understood what she was saying but I found it well-nigh impossible to believe.
    • This presents the artist with a well-nigh impossible task.
    • He points out that in Bangalore, it is well-nigh impossible to get a hotel room.
    • It is meant to highlight the strengths of the province, however there are problems in the conception of the show that make this well-nigh impossible.
    • The job provides a young conductor with the sort of working relationship and intimacy with all facets of a major orchestra that would be well-nigh impossible to achieve on a freelance basis.
    • Choosing a player of the century in any sport is usually well-nigh impossible.
    • He never wrote a paper without foot-notes, appendices, supplements, and the alterations and corrections in his proofs were such that the printers found their task well-nigh impossible.…
    • The sound becomes an acrid smog, a dull thudding headache, in which it is well-nigh impossible to distinguish the individual elements.
    • However various experts agreed that there is lively cross-border movement of birds in Africa that is well-nigh impossible to monitor, and Hockey said there was an illegal trade in ornamental birds from south and east Asia.
    • It is well-nigh impossible to compare drivers of different eras, but Senna and Schumacher make the job slightly easier because they raced against each other - albeit for a very brief time.
    • But the Celbridge attack was finding it well-nigh impossible to break down their opponents' defence with the defence denying them even a single score from play throughout that second half.