Translation of well-placed in Spanish:


certero, adj.

Pronunciation /wɛlˈpleɪst/


predwell placed

  • 1

    (shot/throw) certero
    it's very well placed for the shops está muy bien situado con respecto a las tiendas
    • he's well placed for promotion tiene buenas perspectivas de ascenso
    • they're very well placed to influence the decision en su situación tienen muchas posibilidades de influir en la decisión
    • He was a successful farmer and businessman, well placed to take advantage of developments in agriculture.
    • I thought for a moment, thrown off course by Mally's well-placed question, one I hadn't addressed before now.
    • Indeed, a subtle, well-placed question may be the most effective tactic you have.
    • The boom in online recruitment is something the company is also well placed to take advantage of.
    • That way we will be well placed to take full advantage of the eventual economic upswing.