Translation of well-preserved in Spanish:


en buen estado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌwɛlprɪˈzəːvd/


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    (artefact/find) en buen estado
    (find/artefact) bien conservado
    he is well preserved se conserva bien
    • Juxtaposing the unapologetically new with the well-preserved old can strengthen the urban fabric, he posits, citing Amsterdam and London as examples.
    • Although the workshops have been demolished for a health club, and the restaurant has been removed, the Thorndike remains an exceptionally well-preserved and fine example of the best of modernist theatre design.
    • With old Havana a UNESCO-designated world heritage site, numerous well-preserved, picturesque Spanish colonial towns, and hundreds of unblemished beaches, Cuba is a natural draw.
    • With the exception of Akkad, well-preserved remains of all these cities can be seen in Iraq today.
    • Today, the street is a well-preserved strip of old villas and lane houses containing cafes, restaurants, bookstores and antique shops as well as curiosity museums.
    • The well-preserved remains of a 200-year-old mummy, buried in layers of silk, have been discovered in Vietnam.
    • Discovered in peat bogs in central Ireland, the well-preserved human remains were unveiled this month in Dublin.
    • ‘It's also quite unique to find well-preserved plant remains in plaster ’, said Bruins.
    • The Posidippus papyrus is unusual for its length and the well-preserved state of the remaining text.
    • Generally, well-preserved remains of monocot leaves are rare in the fossil record.
    • This is another well-preserved old town full of beautiful houses, and has a quaint little yachting harbour guarded by stone Bavarian lions on pillars.
    • The well-preserved cranium from this burial led us to attempt a facial reconstruction.
    • Very well preserved tiger remains have been found in a cave in Western Australia and aboriginal rock shelters in Arnhemland show very clear drawings of the Tasmanian Tiger and the Tasmanian devil.
    • This graceful and prosperous old city is dominated by the fantastic arena, a well-preserved Roman amphitheatre where audiences of 25,000 attend summer opera concerts.