Translation of welt in Spanish:


verdugón, n.

Pronunciation /wɛlt//wɛlt/


  • 1

    verdugón masculine
    • She rubbed, absent-mindedly at the welt of a scar on her thigh, covered and concealed by tights and a dress.
    • He showed me the fresh welts and bruises below his waist.
    • Returning to earth, the ball banged off the shin of a spectator, raising a nasty welt.
    • The use of a strap, cane, electrical cord or other implement can result in multiple bruises, welts and abrasions on the skin.
    • There were great welts, scars that ran in ridges across his muscular shoulders.
    • When they arrived, the soldiers began disarming the guards and giving aid to the prisoners, whose backs, arms and legs were marked with welts and bruises.
    • The plastic tie wraps the police had used on her wrists left welts and bruises.
    • The lurid technicolour of bruises, angry wounds, and welts marred his skin.
    • He soon regretted that thought, however, as he saw the welts and scars covering her torso.
    • Daniel grabbed her hand and pulled up her shirt sleeve to revel thick welts, scabs and scars all over her arm.
    • I could still see the red and purple bruised welts in my head… the same mark that I could see rather clearly on Leif's inner arm.
    • Her face was bruised, and crimson welts marred her bare arms.
    • Tomaz's back and arms became covered in welts and bruises.
    • She tugged her shirt down, as if to cover the welts then reached to pull the sports page from beneath her transistor radio.
    • Moreover, he had himself been battered as a child; and shows Dana the welts and scars that resulted from beatings by his father.
    • Even without sharp edges, it was sufficient to raise an enormous welt and painful enough for the man to stop.
  • 2

    • 2.1(on shoe)

      vira feminine
      • Make sure your boot has enough welt to hold in the binding, just as you would for a step-in crampon.
      • The once sealed welts have cracks, and as for the ‘uppers’, well, enough of this nonsense…
      • There was the outline, and around this outline ran a well-defined sewn thread which had, it appeared, attached the welt to the sole.
      • The big change is a frame designed along an asymmetrical last to more closely fit the anatomical sole of a boot and lock more tightly into the boot welts.

    • 2.2(border, seam)

      ribete masculine
      vivo masculine
      • It has a three-button continental placket with polished agate buttons, a knit collar welt, sleeve bands, and a hemmed bottom with side vents.
      • Elegant embellishments such as freeform beading, tiered tassels, piping insertions filled with fine rattail cord and pockets tailored with contrast welts are among his trademarks.
      • Pleats, piping, pocket welts, pocket flaps, top-stitched yokes all look wonderful in linen.
      • The matching linen flat-front pants are slightly low-waisted and feature two off-seam pockets, as well as pocket welts.