Translation of west in Spanish:


oeste, n.

Pronunciation /wɛst//wɛst/


  • 1

    • 1.1(point of the compass, direction)

      oeste masculine
      the west el oeste
      • the West el Oeste
      • it lies to the west of the city está al oeste de la ciudad
      • the wind is blowing from / is in the west el viento sopla / viene del oeste / Oeste
      • it faces the west da / mira al oeste
      • west by north oeste cuarta al noroeste
      • west-northwest oesnoroeste
      • Allithwaite, which lies to the west of Grange, north of Kents Bank, is also close to picturesque Humphrey Head, the tallest limestone cliff in Cumbria.
      • Poets came from all points of the compass in Cumbria, north, south, east and west - and also from north Lancashire.
      • The convention has always been to talk of four directions, or four compass points - north, south, east and west.
      • It points to every direction on the compass, north, south, east and west… what more do you want.
      • The latest advisory said that the hurricane was located 30 or so miles south of Hellshire Point in St Catherine. That's to the west of where we are.
      • To the west of the gardens was the Place de la Concorde, which from its name sounded like it should have been be a haven of peace and harmony but turned out to be a giant roundabout with a big Egyptian obelisk in the middle.
      • Flying foxes streamed overhead from the west, heading into town to roost after a night spent feeding in the mountains.
      • This beguiling little loch lies in the hills to the west of Ashkirk and north of Hawick, nestling between Belmanshaws and the Dod at a height of 320 metres.
      • The ship slowed its turn and headed toward the Timonium, a large quay to the west of the small harbour locked island of Antirrhodus.
      • It will pass to the west of Giggleswick and continue north towards Ingleton.
      • Santa Fe sits at seven thousand feet, and the desert dust in the air produces sunset colors that fill the sky, not only in the west, but all around the compass.
      • Even a primarily north-south flight, such as Chicago to New Orleans, will fall into one direction of the compass or other - east or west.
      • The four new areas roughly correspond with the north, east, south and west of the city and they will come in to force on April 1.
      • We're in Beaumont, which is 15 miles to the west of Port Arthur.
      • Diego Garcia is located to the west of Chagos Trench, which runs north and south.
      • Developers want to put up a series ultra-modern buildings directly to the west of the train station.
      • As for the game room area, it was directly to the west of the swimming pool/shower rooms area.
      • The island, located to the west of the Isle of Mull and just south of neighbouring Coll, is one of the sunniest places in Britain thanks to its exposed location on the Atlantic Ocean.
      • That said, we didn't know when it struck whether the epicenter was right around us, to the west of us or the east of us or in what direction.
      • Waterloo has launched major new housing developments to the west of the city, and the undeveloped lands north of campus are soon to become a high technology centre.

    • 1.2(region)

      the west el oeste
      • the West el oeste
      • the west of Europe el oeste de Europa
      • a town in the west of Wales una ciudad del / en el oeste de Gales

  • 2the West

    • 2.1(the Occident)

      (el) Occidente masculine

    • 2.2Politics History

      el Oeste
      • The enmity that existed between China and the west after 1949, was not apparent during the war.
      • In the west women have been encouraged through feminism to ' invite ' the state in to replace their so-called oppressors - their husbands.
      • At the moment the main focus of international discussions about Iran, its future and its relations with the west, is the nuclear question.
      • Why won't I use western tech even though it has been built upon the knowledge that got transferred to west from Muslims?
      • While Africa has burgeoning numbers, it is the church in the west's money which has helped to support them.
      • The following year he defected to the west.
      • The monastic movement began in the Christian east, soon spreading to the west.
      • They are in no mood to take lessons, moral or otherwise, from the west.

    • 2.3(in US)

      el Oeste (americano)

  • 3West

    (in bridge)
    Oeste masculine


  • 1

    (gate/face) (invariable adjective) oeste
    (gate/face) occidental
    (wind) del oeste


  • 1

    al oeste
    the house faces west la casa da / está orientada al oeste
    • we sailed west navegamos hacia el / en dirección oeste
    • west of sth al oeste de algo
    • it is west of Atlanta está al oeste de Atlanta
    • (in US) out west en el oeste
    • to go west irse al garete