Translation of westerly in Spanish:


del oeste, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwɛstəli//ˈwɛstərli/


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    (wind) del oeste
    • There was a strong westerly wind blowing that day, around 20-25 knots but the object didn't appear to be drifting.
    • When the high pressure systems move north during winter, southern Australia comes under the influence of westerly winds and rain-bearing cold fronts.
    • If, for instance, the pressure is low towards Iceland and Greenland and high down by the Azores and Portugal, then most of northern Europe can expect strong westerly winds.
    • Many hurricanes eventually drift far enough north or south to move into areas dominated by westerly winds (found in the middle latitudes).
    • Conditions on the day were trying; with strong westerly winds affecting timings but all the runners were happy with their individual times.
    • Our prevailing winds are westerly, coming in from the Atlantic.
    • Because of the westerly winds it just blows back in again, just like all the muck and dust from the building site next door.
    • Specifically, westerly winds blow stronger, but changes in wind speed and direction occur all over the planet.
    • There will be westerly gale force winds and a top temperature of 7c.
    • This generated frequent heavy rains and fierce westerly gales: in some coastal areas there was significant wind damage as well as flooding.
    • A light westerly wind blew, gentle as the day, and whipped up the dusts moving them to scattered graves and other surrounding parts of the city.
    • During more intense El Niño episodes, westerly winds are observed over parts of the equatorial western and central Pacific.
    • The deep low pressure system then rolled southeast, and the fierce westerly gales on its northern flank inflicted widespread damage in southern and southeastern Australia over the next three days.
    • In spring, the westerly winds blow across the frozen lake and become cooler.
    • Heavy swells and strong westerly winds made for tough rowing conditions and the organisers were taking no chances with the safety of competitors.

nounPlural westerlies

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    viento del oeste masculine