Translation of westward in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈwɛstwəd//ˈwɛstwərd/


  • 1

    in a westward direction hacia el oeste


  • 1

    (travel/drive) hacia el oeste
    westward of sth al oeste de algo
    • But as the disease spreads westwards, the concern about possible human infection has grown.
    • Continuing our journey westwards, we passed through Vryheid and then turned off the highway once more toward the Blood River.
    • But why should we look westwards, when we have had our own unforgettable magicians, P.C.Sorcar, for example.
    • Looking westwards, the land drops slightly at the Hope River gorge and then rises sharply again in Jacks Hill.
    • Continue westwards over heathery, grassy terrain at a safe distance from the edge of Canna's highest cliffs.
    • Edmund and Garrett led the Cavalry westwards a few days later.
    • I requested that he bring you westwards, that being the direction you were traveling in when we found you.
    • I resigned myself to recline in the squeaky leather upholstery and enjoy the ensuing ride as we thundered westwards along the Antrim autobahn.
    • I'm coming to the end of a run of work I have been doing for the BBC and I'll be heading westwards again before the end of the month.
    • Hidden away in the rear of a wagon they traveled westwards for many miles until they heard the sound of gulls in flight, smelled the salt air and heard the crashing of the surf.
    • Looking westwards into the distance from the mountain pass, a vast expense of sapphire blue water lies ahead, a first glimpse of Namtso Lake.
    • The EU estimates that about 370,000 of those could migrate westwards in search of work.
    • As the bus continues driving westwards the visitor cannot miss the next holy sight - Xinlu Sea.
    • The avian flu is believed to have moved westwards into central and western Europe as more than 15,000 mute swans fled an unusually cold spell in the Black Sea region.
    • The road running westwards through the ramparts led to Chelmsford.
    • And the ocean currents tend to drift westwards on the northern side.
    • The suburb of Larapinta will expand westwards again this year, first by 30 blocks and ultimately by 260 blocks.
    • They're proposing to extend the zone westwards to Kensington and Chelsea but what about the rest of London.
    • And they've put together a golf trail stretching from Edzell down to St Andrews and stretching westwards as far as Perth and Blairgowrie.
    • I decided to walk westwards along West Vancouver's Seawall, a much quieter version than that of Stanley Park.