Translation of wet in Spanish:


mojado, adj.

Pronunciation /wɛt//wɛt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(damp)

      (clothes/grass/hair/floor) (moist) mojado
      (plaster/concrete) blando
      your clothes are wet through tienes la ropa empapada
      • you are wet through estás empapado
      • wet paint pintura fresca
      • wet with sth mojado de algo
      • her shirt was wet with sweat tenía la camisa mojada de sudor
      • her eyes were wet with tears tenía los ojos llenos de lágrimas
      • to get wet mojarse
      • you'll get wet te vas a mojar
      • he got his feet wet se mojó los pies
      • don't let your camera get wet que no se te moje la cámara
      • to be all wet estar totalmente equivocado
      • The smell of fresh breads, wet ink, melting glass, new silks and a lot of currency drifted about from the many open stalls.
      • You can also cover them with wet towels or sheets and fan them until it is possible to get them to a hospital or doctor.
      • Immediately remove clothing that has become saturated with wet concrete.
      • Sarah was cold and her clothes where wet and covered in mud.
      • I told my son to get my garden gloves, and then we covered ourselves in wet towels and got her out but by then it was too late.
      • Tears slipped down his cheeks leaving wet splotches on the cover.
      • The main type of central heating system is wet - where hot water is circulated through pipes and goes to radiators with valves that control the amount of time it spends there.
      • Oil paint is a wet mixture of pigments in an oily medium.
      • And I remember when it was here in Atlanta, you wanted to be careful about leaning against a post for fear the paint was still wet.
      • The cages were covered with wet marsh grass to minimize mortality from desiccation and heat stress during the lowtide period.
      • The wall was splayed with fresh graffiti and the post was dripping with wet spray paint.
      • My little brother Andrew stopped in mid-step and wiped his mouth still wet with water, as the adults looked at him in absolute surprise.
      • His vision swam and blurred in front of him, the land seeming to be covered in wet lumps all around him.
      • You can also use the cleaner for wet paint on clothing, but launder clothes immediately after application.
      • A classic fresco is an original image that was painted directly on a wall of wet plaster using natural pigments.
      • To avoid tissue dehydration during measurements, the walls of the pressure chamber were covered with wet filter paper.
      • Use of a wet towel or dripping water to induce a perception of suffocating.
      • Like wet plaster of Paris hardening in a glass jar, salt crystals that have incorporated water can also expand to crack their container.
      • I have seen them wet with sea water, glistening in the sun.
      • It remains to be seen whether the glitter will stay stuck to the prints as I just sprinkled it onto the wet ink.
      • This led me to use only pencil and ballpoint pens and to slip in a piece of kitchen towel to soak up wet ink.
      • By nightfall there were 20 climbers crowding the shelter and the walls were covered with wet clothes.
      • His wheel rims were already wet from the water already in the road and, if anything, he continued to pick up speed.
      • Painting into wet plaster with water soluble pigments is one of the most difficult of all challenges a painter can face.
      • Cover them with wet newspaper to keep them moist while dormant.
      • He would cut a negative into wet sand and pour plaster into the sand mold.
      • While the paint and paper are still wet, place a piece of plastic wrap on top of the painted section, making sure the wrap is wrinkled.
      • The method is similar to what is called dry fresco in Europe, as the paints are applied to a dry surface, not wet plaster as in true fresco.
      • The characteristic aspect of Christina's style is that of using the fluid motion of wet paint in a graceful pattern, before letting it finally dry.
      • The cupola and the concrete construction were corroded, the masonry was wet, and plaster work was peeling off.
      • Her outfit is utterly sopping wet and covered with sludge; after all, she had to cut across more than a few people's backyard to get here.
      • Using the ink-soaked felt, tap it over the tag while the gold ink is still wet.
      • I'm noticing that the floor is wet - entirely covered in dark liquid.
      • The sign, on the front step of the home in London Road, Benfleet, had been placed there to warn people about wet paint on the newly decorated front door.
      • Their bodies were bloody, contorted and covered with wet leaves.
      • The one working on the side seemed to comb the wet plaster into horizontal furrows, while the one working on the back preferred a smooth finish.
      • The sidewalks are always wet and covered in magazines and flyers no one bothers to pick up.
      • Instead of using the tried and tested method (egg tempera on wet plaster), however, he used a paint of his own invention.
      • So managing the water from wet cutting is well worth it.
      • Masking tape takes ages to apply, it never comes off cleanly and it doesn't even mask off wet paint effectively.

    • 1.2(rainy)

      (spring/day/weather) lluvioso
      it's too wet to go out llueve demasiado como para salir
      • it's been very wet ha llovido mucho
      • It will be mainly dry for a time on Wednesday, with sunny spells, but wet and windy weather will develop later.
      • The Asian Garden thrives in winter, when the weather is wet and cool.
      • But the agency says that if this prediction proves correct, it might only cause a problem if the cold weather is also wet - causing heavy snowfall in the hills.
      • What made it more remarkable was the weather, which was wet, cold and very windy, with the odd snow shower thrown in for good measure.
      • Staking or supporting early in the growing season is best and can help direct plant growth, encourage better flower displays and prevent damage during wet and windy weather.
      • Luck they had indoor entertainment as weather was extremely wet and windy.
      • Sometimes they were sent them home early if the weather was too wet, but only once did they get sent home because it was too hot!
      • But with brighter, wet and windy weather forecast for tomorrow, motorists in the county should not have to face the fog again.
      • A word of warning, if the weather is wet, the lane down to these pegs, normally easy, can become dangerous!
      • The surface of a lava flow weathers, particularly in wet climates, to form a rich, reddish volcanic soil, called a bole.
      • The weather is fairly wet but so far has not been very cold which is a good thing.
      • It's that time of year in the northern hemisphere, the nights are drawing in, the clocks going back, and the weather is wet and awful.
      • Another spell of mild, wet and fairly windy weather is expected on Thursday.
      • The weather was wet, but visibility was still good.
      • About 10,000 people braved wet and windy weather to attend the ceremony at the Margraten cemetery in the southern Netherlands.
      • Despite wet and windy weather last week, the vehicle terminal at the port here reached a new record, handling 37 containers per working hour.
      • But reality is that no soft shell as comfortable as the Serendipity will keep you dry in a torrential rain or hours of wet sleet.
      • But normally if the weather was wet, my Lord, no you wouldn't have done it satisfactorily at all.
      • wind is important in spreading diseases: for example bacterial blight is spread in wet, windy weather.
      • That weekend it was dreadful weather, it was wet, it was cold, it was windy, and that just made our emotions even more hard to bear.

  • 2USinformal

    (allowing sale of alcohol)
    no prohibicionista
  • 3Britishinformal

    (ineffectual, foolish)
    (story/film) soso informal
    • I think there's a good chunk of wet liberal New Labour angst behind it all.
    • To the wet bleeding heart liberals, I say get a life and do something useful for a change.
    • I'm of the mind this is a good thing, but I am a wet wooly liberal.
    • Call me a wet Guardianista liberal, but a bit of peace, love and understanding wouldn't go astray.
    • As a died-in-the-wool wet liberal, I'm coming from an altogether different place than Mr. Philips.
    • I know some wet urban liberals who are thinking of voting for the Maori Party.
    • The wet Liberals are a pathetic and spineless bunch who are wholly subservient to government discipline and their own ambition in equal measure.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (dampen) humedecer
    to wet one's lips mojarse/humedecerse los labios
    • to wet the bed hacerse pipí / pis en la cama
    • to wet oneself orinarse
    • I nearly wet myself laughing casi me meo de la risa


  • 1

    there was a patch of wet on the mattress el colchón estaba mojado
  • 2informal

    come in out of the wet entra, no te quedes ahí bajo la lluvia
  • 3Britishinformal

    (ineffectual person)
    timorato masculine
    timorata feminine
    a Tory wet un conservador moderado