Translation of wetsuit in Spanish:


traje de neoprene, n.


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    traje de neoprene masculine
    traje de neopreno masculine
    • At the end of the winter (late April) perhaps it had cooled a little, but a shortie wetsuit was only just adequate.
    • The one-piece wetsuit he was wearing indicates that Mr Dineen had been diving.
    • Ricketts couldn't have looked more out of his depth had he taken to the field in flippers and a wetsuit.
    • Kitted out with helmets, wetsuits, buoyancy aids and paddles, our team piles into two inflatable rafts, drifting gently downriver.
    • What I do, when I get to the bottom and start working, is I take the hose and stuff it down the back of my wetsuit.
    • There he sold his first wetsuits, a few vests he made from gluing together pieces of neoprene.
    • Fiji's waters are warm, although lightweight wetsuits or Lycra suits help protect against cuts and stings.
    • Luckily the men were wearing their buoyancy-compensating vests and wetsuits.
    • Lil and Fester had decided to do a bit of snorkelling and had donned wetsuits for the adventure.
    • The sea here is as cold as Cornwall in winter and you have to wear a full wetsuit, boots, gloves and a hood to insulate you from the frigid waters and equally cold winds.
    • Katkandu motors through a gap in the barrier reef between South Water Caye and Carrie Bow Caye as we pull on shortie wetsuits, weight belts, tanks, fins.
    • Fabroc is currently being used for outdoor clothing of all types including underwater wetsuits for deep-sea use.
    • The water at this time of year is cold and murky - we don wetsuits with hoods and booties - and there are long hours of detailed study work to complete.
    • My son is really into bodyboarding, although he's missing a leash and flippers, and doesn't own a wetsuit.
    • From shell-encrusted jewellery and belts through sequinned flip-flops and swimsuits to wetsuits and boards, it's all here.
    • So whilst Tim was whisking around in tight circles in his own, go-faster-striped coracle, his pupils were still pulling on old jeans, swimming costumes or wetsuits.
    • Winter temperatures drop a little, but still make for comfortable diving in a wetsuit.
    • I had forgotten to bring my wetsuit, but fortunately was well-equipped in my thermal underpants and a lifejacket.
    • Its skin was like spongy neoprene rubber, the stuff wetsuits are made from, and its eyes were just so peedie for such a big animal.
    • A diving holiday more often than not means a tropical location with waters so warm you just need a light wetsuit or dive skin as thermal protection.