Translation of wheedle in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈwiːd(ə)l//ˈ(h)widl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (coax, flatter)
    to wheedle sth out of sb sonsacarle algo a algn
    • she wheedled the money out of him le sonsacó el dinero
    • to wheedle sb into-ing
    • she wheedled me into going with her me engatusó para que lo acompañara
    • to wheedle one's way into sb's affection/confidence conquistarse a algn/ganarse la confianza de algn a base de halagos
    • Many of them command such skills as cajoling, wheedling, thundering, condescending, and even insulting - but, of course, insulting with style.
    • The film-makers were busy on the lot or on location, but our producers, like Jacob, stayed in the tents, free to wheedle, convince and extort position from and in the studio system.
    • We do all the talking; we plead, wheedle, deny and cajole.
    • You view your employer more as an equal and you begin to think of ways that you can add value to your services instead of thinking of ways to wheedle more benefits from your feudal overlord.
    • ‘I'll give you one of these grown-up sweets if you keep walking,’ I wheedle, proffering a Tune.
    • Foreign managers also tell of other problems: differing objectives or partners wheedling to get associates into key posts.
    • Despite the best intentions, one is tempted to bargain for a more advantageous position, to make or demand concessions, to wheedle and to coax, to impose one's agenda and vocabulary.
    • A thousand bodies and they're already at the negotiating table with tails between their legs, probably wheedling and begging the resistance to pack it in.
    • We're meant to be talking about the phenomenon of plastic surgery and the potential risks it poses for patients, and instead I'm having my vital statistics wheedled out of me by a complete stranger.
    • For much of the film, Emily courts embarrassment with wheedling, flirtatious attempts to stop the girl's uptight uncle from taking her back to the States.
    • During all of this editorial project - all the boasting, praising, cajoling, and wheedling, indulging in witty asides - I've been staring fixedly into a computer screen.
    • The story probably continued with a bit more wheedling and pleading, but I wasn't really listening.
    • He wheedles that he was in Japan when it happened.
    • He wheedled with a smile to show that he wasn't too serious.
    • ‘Lily really wants to get to know you better,’ Morgan wheedled.
    • He is at the same time bullying and wheedling, but will, when cornered, reiterate the anodyne phrases he picked up on the intensive salesman's course.
    • Of course, she had no idea if she could talk her manager into stopping at some of these towns, but she could beg and wheedle and cajole if she had to.
    • But then, 10 minutes later, he's still needling and wheedling so convincingly you start to flip-flop back to the earlier assumption that, self-effusing pretence or not, Alan Davies hates having his picture taken.
    • With the new cameras will come no mercy, no human face to wheedle, cajole, or insult.
    • Roses voice was soft and wheedling, her smile saccharin sweet.
  • 2wheedling present participle

    (tone/voice) adulador