Translation of whereabouts in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈwɛːrəbaʊts//ˈ(h)wɛrəˌbaʊts/


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    whereabouts in Austria do you live? ¿en qué parte de Austria vives?
    • whereabouts did you drop the key? ¿por dónde se te cayó la llave?


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    paradero masculine
    nobody knows his whereabouts se desconoce su paradero
    • The fate and whereabouts of Hussein himself are currently unknown.
    • His whereabouts are unknown, though China insists that he is quietly continuing his studies in a secret location.
    • However, Percy decided to fly off early on Saturday morning, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.
    • His whereabouts are still unknown at the time of going to press.
    • If anyone knows of his whereabouts in the region please let me know.
    • His most prolific discovery was the whereabouts of one of the people who planned the Final Solution, Adolf Eichmann.
    • I spent a lot of time judging the atmosphere and the whereabouts of guards.
    • Kabila was believed to be in the country on Sunday, but his whereabouts were unclear.
    • That could depend on whether her whereabouts became public knowledge, he said.
    • This means that to keep track of the whereabouts of your teenager, it is enough to buy him or her a cell phone.
    • Detectives visited his residence at midnight on Thursday but his whereabouts remained unknown on Friday night.
    • Officers obtained a replica from the supplier and have asked the public to call them if they know of its whereabouts.
    • Families in Mayo are now enquiring about their love ones and their whereabouts in the city.
    • Meanwhile City Hall looked quiet on Thursday and Sutiyoso's whereabouts was unknown.
    • His present whereabouts are unknown, but it is acknowledged that he gave a statement to US interrogators.
    • He explained how his father had fled the country two years earlier and his whereabouts were unknown.
    • His last known whereabouts were in the Chandigarh area of the Punjab.
    • Neighbours alerted the police after becoming concerned about her whereabouts.
    • It may help the police authenticate suspects' alibis, by tracking the whereabouts of their mobile phones.
    • In the meantime, Chu's whereabouts remain unknown although rumor have it that he could be in China.