Translation of whimsical in Spanish:


caprichoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈ(h)wɪmzɪk(ə)l//ˈwɪmzɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    (person) caprichoso
    (person) antojadizo
    • This whimsical piece of mischief by his brother brought a quiet laugh from David.
    • The question is whimsical, but perhaps it illustrates something.
    • They clearly seek to exercise power in whimsical and arbitrary ways.
    • Looking out the window, I can see an orange flame of whimsical light skimming the horizon, and hues of blue to grey look down benignly from above.
    • Often intended for children, such verse also appeals to an adult sense of the ridiculous or whimsical.
    • He closed his eyes and listened to the Forestmaster's whimsical voice change to a somber, sorrowful tone.
    • But how many know the story of J.M. Barrie, the eccentric author of the whimsical Peter Pan?
    • Some spoilsport reviewers have referred to the lyrics as smug and smirking; I prefer to view them as wry and whimsical.
    • His new song Mother and Child opened the dedication service and captured the whimsical and delightful spirit of the work.
    • Helen Evans has fourteen gouache paintings, bright, whimsical and cartoon-like, most depicting the antics of her dog Hobbs.
    • For those of you left with any doubt, the play is musical, whimsical and highly enjoyable - a perfect family night out.
    • How did an impoverished North Philadelphia community transform abandoned lots into whimsical sculpture gardens?
    • The High Court said while granting maintenance, some formula or yardstick must be adopted and it must not be whimsical or arbitrary.
    • Mulvany could also build in a light and whimsical manner, especially when it came to gate lodges.
    • Though some are light and whimsical, they emerge from a passion for both writing and reading that goes beyond mere observation.
    • The ceiling is hung with lamps of every shape and size, from glass floats tied with rope to whimsical creations made of seashells.
    • Many of the pieces have come from his own personal collection - which reveal his witty and whimsical sense of humour, and a love of the bush.
    • This album was largely whimsical and retrospective, with a subtle sense of humour, even through the more serious numbers.
    • She and friends would flip the painting from the more serious to the whimsical side during parties at Emmott's house many years ago.
    • A father and son children's book: vivid illustrations by son Carl, whimsical poems by father Peter.
    • John was known as a whimsical man who often changed the inventory of his cargo to fit his mood.
    • Victims of the whimsical monsoons and fickle market prices, these poor farmers have very little control over their destiny.
    • A solid master plan helps prevent whimsical changes being made by each new greens committee
    • It has terrific moments, especially early on, often anticipating Fellini in tone and setting, but it is a bit too jauntily whimsical for us now.
    • Frater surely pays his respects to the whimsical monsoon gods through his pilgrimage covering the length and breadth of the country.
    • Ali's whimsical rendering of this imagined place evokes subtle feelings of nostalgia, and regret.
    • Fonseca's pictures are at once whimsical and orderly, playful and restrained.
    • This is a story about rootlessness, about impulsive, ostensibly whimsical wandering.
    • Last night, our coach got a little whimsical and changed up the infield a bit.
  • 2

    (smile) (enigmatic) enigmático
    (smile) (playful) juguetón
  • 3

    (mood) voluble
  • 4

    (book) fantasioso