There are 2 main translations of whip in Spanish

: Whip1whip2


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    • En la Cámara de los Comunes House of Commons británica, los Whips son parlamentarios MP - Member of Parliament que tienen la responsabilidad de mantener la disciplina entre sus colegas de partido, y de asegurarse de que asistan a las sesiones y de que emitan su voto. En el Congreso Congress de EEUU los whips tienen las mismas responsabilidades, también existen Whips de cada partido.

There are 2 main translations of whip in Spanish

: Whip1whip2


fusta, n.

Pronunciation /(h)wɪp//wɪp/


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    (in horse riding) fusta feminine
    (in horse riding) fuete masculine Southern Cone Latin America
    (of tamer) látigo masculine
    (for punishment) azote masculine
    to crack the whip hacer restallar el látigo
    • the new boss is really cracking the whip el nuevo jefe los (or nos etc.) tiene a todos muy cortos
    • In large classrooms on the upper floors of the western buildings, the patrol found heaps of shackles, handcuffs, whips and lengths of chain.
    • It wasn't very impressive, just a leather whip, but from the looks of it, her father had used it a lot at one time.
    • Public attitudes to punishment are revealed by the readiness of juries to acquit parents who have hit their children with whips, canes, riding crops, electric flexes, and belts.
    • He makes handmade leather belts, whips and other items.
    • One lady dressed in tight black leather and brandishing a whip, insisted on chasing Geoff and me around the dance floor.
    • When she got there, she grabbed the leather whip that was hanging on the wall next to her.
    • The police brandish leather bats, whips, long sticks and Kalashnikov rifles.
    • He heard the leather whip hit her back and her curses and prayers to stop echoed in his head.
    • Even asking questions in class warranted a lash of the whip.
    • He winced in pain as the whip came down upon him again and again.
    • The man brought the whip across her shoulders, eliciting another cry of pain from his captive.
    • It pictures a man holding a whip, and flogging himself with it.
    • Some teachers also punish students by flogging them with whips made of rubber (from strips of old car tires), with heavier canes, or simply by slapping, kicking, or pinching them.
    • Children no older than you are had to work twelve hours a day for cruel masters, who flogged them with whips if they worked too slowly and fed them on nothing but stale breadcrusts and water.
    • The young king let out a cry of surprise and pain as the whip came down on his back.
    • The presiding judge also sentenced the girl to 100 lashes with a whip, despite her claim that she had been raped, he said.
    • He held a leather whip and pointed to the left and the right.
    • Alison ran over to Rachel and saw the slash wounds she had on her legs from the leather whip and the bullet wound in her shoulder.
    • The third horse starts to run when it really feels the pain of the whip on its skin.
    • However, we noticed that on three different occasions over a four-day period, Max's sister made jokes about leather outfits and whips.
    • I wouldn't be surprised if they walked around their office wearing tight leather and vinyl with whips and riding crops at their sides.
    • In the past farmers scared off elephants by beating drums or cracking whips.
    • Her thick fingers clenched around the leather whip at her side, and her face was quickly turning red.
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    • 2.1Politics

      diputado responsable de la disciplina de su grupo parlamentario
      • He was made chief whip, a position he retained after the 1992 election, having been one of the negotiating team that hammered out the coalition deal with Labour.
      • But Alun Michael, the rural affairs minister, and the whips gradually persuaded backbench MPs to vote to offer the compromise to peers one more time.
      • Annette Rademeyer retained her position as chief whip and Ronnie Dawson was elected as deputy chief whip.
      • I thank the whips and parties in the House for giving me an assurance that they will support that.
      • The Tory peer fully backed up his comments, thus risking being summoned by the Tory whips' office.
      • Furthermore, the Prime Minister has had no difficulty in finding Parliamentary whips to organise majorities even for the most contentious legislation.
      • The attorney general and the government chief whip also sit at the cabinet table, although they are not formally members of the government.
      • Why throw your standing with the whips away for nothing?
      • If only people would realise that without the whips, Parliament would cease to function.
      • Legislative whips from across party lines promised the speaker they would ask their colleagues not to use foreign languages on the legislative floor.
      • The influence of the party whips needs to be curbed.
      • Last Tuesday, 122 Labour MPs defied the party whips and voted against their own government, by far the largest such rebellion in modern British history.
      • While this was taking place, those other upholders of Parliamentary law - the whips - were being altogether less civilised.
      • It is understood that the party whips may be meeting in advance of the June meeting in an attempt to resolve the issue.
      • He is to look at ongoing training for party whips to deal with an attack.
      • Alex Johnstone, the parliamentary whip, said MSPs had only discussed a ‘broad position’.
      • Simon Power sits on the front bench and his colleague on the back bench - the whips cannot even talk to each other in the National Party these days.
      • Therefore, the pressure party whips can bring onto these politicians is weak.
      • He will also meet the party whips and will meet the councillors from each local electoral area to explain the new set up and answer any queries they have.
      • Is this wishful thinking in the age of spin doctors and party whips?
      • It is almost certain that a government with a decent Parliamentary majority will win this as the bill represents what that government wants and the party whips will ensure that a smooth vote takes place.
      • He stated that it had been his intention to inform the members following the meeting and that he had informed the party whips earlier that morning.
      • A decline in party discipline and of members' willingness to obey the whips, is one means of restoring influence to the backbenchers.

    • 2.2British Politics

      citación a un parlamentario para que acuda a votar
      • Despite the party whip, 36 Labour MPs voted against the 42-day detention bill.
      • One in seven Labour MPs defied the whip by voting against or abstaining.
      • For the ANC, this has allowed us to prepare a one-page Weekly Whip for our Members, informing us exactly when each debate is to take place and whether there is a two or three-line whip.

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    batido masculine
    • Learn how to make lemon whip by following this easy recipe.
    • The fritters and walnut whip are now ready to be enjoyed.

transitive verbwhipping, whipped

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    • 1.1(lash)

      (horse) pegarle a (con la fusta)
      (horse) fustigar
      (person) azotar
      (child) darle una paliza a
      (child) darle un azote a
      rain whipped the deck la lluvia azotaba la cubierta
      • the wind whipped the flames higher and higher el viento vivaba cada vez más las llamas
      • The guards beat him and Lionel Alden whipped him with a bullwhip.
      • He never took showers with us after gym class, because he knew we'd whip him with our wet towels.
      • November saw they boy's father saying he never beat his son up, but that he did whip him.
      • They're biting her, cutting her, whipping her, beating her, and she cries and screams but doesn't fight back.
      • ‘Four people pushed me down on the ground and whipped me for 40 minutes,’ he said.
      • I went off to government boarding schools and there they used to whip you and beat you if you spoke your Indian language.
      • When he was on the ground, I started whipping him with the belt that went around my kilt.
      • But every time my mother would punish me by whipping me with the duster, my father would rush over to shield me.
      • Jarrett came out and punched Hart, tore off his shirt and started whipping him with a belt.
      • Refusing to betray his comrades, he was whipped until ‘his flesh hung in strips’ and branded with hot irons.
      • There they kicked us, beat us, whipped us with electric cables and shocked us with electricity!
      • After the match, Daniels took off his belt and whipped the guy hard for screwing up.
      • Later, in front of my entire unit, he told me to lie down on a box and then he whipped me twenty-five times.
      • ‘Say thank you,’ I said, idly whipping him with the suede strap on my handbag.
      • The edges are whipped with wool yarns.
      • Whenever he does call you a bad name or threatens to whip you or anything else, tell your mom ASAP and have her talk to him and again.
      • Then he was dipped into a vat of water as he was whipped and beaten before being assaulted with an iron bar.
      • The Romans captured this slave girl, tied her to a stake, tore open the back of her dress, and started whipping her.
      • But after he leaves, the man grabs the boy, reties him to the tree and whips him to within an inch of his life before untying him.
      • We'd fight and then hide once mom started yelling because if we didn't, she'd either slap our bare bottoms with her hand or whip us with a belt.
      • He was whipped with a belt if he came in late to work, kicked and verbally abused.

    • 1.2informal (defeat)

      darle una paliza a informal
      • Promoters even brought Jim Jeffries out of retirement in 1910 in the expectation that he would whip Johnson.
      • Look at our results this season and only two teams have whipped us, the Ospreys and Toulouse.
      • Playing soft in practice and hard in games is a lazy man's approach and you will get whipped by the teams that play hard in practice, too.
      • Pakistan had whipped the same Malaysian team 6-1 in an earlier league match.
      • Well, we're getting whipped right now here in Virginia Beach.
      • Not only were they whipped by a better team but they also showed very little fighting spirit at times and some of the errors had to be seen to be believed.
      • Not only were the Rockies losing every day, they were getting whipped.
      • They then whipped Neepawa 14-2 in a five-inning game as Hamm had a nearly perfect game going until the fifth.
      • This may seem ridiculous coming a day after we were whipped 5-2 in New Zealand.
      • Even now, no one is talking about how Australia whipped us in the one-day series.

    • 1.3(beat)

      (egg whites) batir
      (cream) batir
      (cream) montar Spain
      • Lightly whip the cream into soft peaks, then gently fold it in to achieve the required whipped consistency.
      • The recipe she gives us involves whipping the pudding in a blender as the last step.
      • For the chive cream, lightly whip the cream with a small pinch of salt and pepper, so that it thickens slightly but is still runny.
      • Whip about a cup of cream until, well, you know, until it's whipped.
      • For the mousseline, in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whip the heavy cream to soft peaks.
      • Lightly whip the cream and fold this in, along with the vanilla essence.
      • I whipped the heavy cream into a fluffy cloud, adding three capfuls of vanilla for flavoring.
      • You can whip melted chocolate like cream, the fat and the lecithin acting as a stabilizer for the foam.
      • Meanwhile whip the cream with the caster sugar.
      • To serve the dessert, whip the cream with the confectioners' sugar.
      • In a medium mixing bowl, whip the cream until it forms peaks.
      • Using the whipping attachments, whip the sugar and cream until medium stiff peaks are achieved.
      • Today he almost managed to make butter when whipping the cream for the strawberries we had for dessert.
      • For the filling, lightly whip the cream, then fold in the yoghurt, sugar and rosewater.
      • It doesn't take as long a time as you'd think to whip cream with a whisk.
      • Lightly whip the cream until it begins to thicken and fold it into the yoghurt mixture with the vanilla seeds.
      • Just before serving, gently whip the double cream, icing sugar and vanilla until it just starts to thicken.
      • It's nice that the potatoes are whipped, piped onto the plate and then broiled quickly to develop a crisp outside before being served.
      • Macrobiotic food obviously suits him - today he couldn't whip cream.

    • 1.4(incite)

  • 2

    • 2.1(take quickly)

      they whipped him to the airport lo llevaron a toda prisa al aeropuerto
      • she whipped her coat off se quitó rápidamente el abrigo
      • she whipped out her notebook sacó rápidamente la libreta
      • he whipped the photo away before I could look at it me arrebató la foto antes de que pudiera verla
      • And to demonstrate he whipped a white tea towel off a rail, and pulled it over his face, while giving a silent scream.
      • The boys turned back to their bowling game, which as it turned out, was merely a contest to see who could whip the ball fastest down the lane.
      • She lifted her face and whipped away some tears and gave a big sniff.
      • She heard a knock at the door, and quickly whipped the tear away.
      • She was suddenly aware of a presence beside her, and whipped her head about.
      • A young woman suddenly jumped up and whipped out her silver and blue flip phone from her back right pocket, which had abruptly vibrated.
      • A long low ball from Paudge Cuddy fell into the path of James Hooban and he tapped it past the advancing Liam Aherne before whipping it into an empty net.
      • You think you've got past him and suddenly, out they stretch and the ball is whipped away.
      • Adrian suddenly whipped out his phone and positioned it against my face and declared that he wanted to take a picture of me.
      • ‘Oh no you don't,’ he said, taking hold of her shoulder and whipping her around again.
      • With a self-satisfied flourish, she whipped her iPod out of her pocket and held it in front of my face.
      • The boy grabbed my shoulder and whipped me around.
      • Suddenly, she whipped out these huge, thick books.
      • The travel writer who was hosting the lunch suddenly whipped out a picture he had taken of the planes going over his apartment.
      • ‘I was whipping their water bottles back at them so there was a huge, huge bottle fight going on,’ she says.
      • A thumb lightly whipped away her tears from her cheeks.
      • I doubt I swallowed enough to bother about, but she whipped me off to the hospital.
      • I, in turn, whipped my legs off the ground with such speed as to make a drill sergeant weep with joy.
      • He grabbed her arms suddenly and whipped her body around, moving her backwards until she was backed up against the wall, trapped.
      • The ambassador grabbed me by the wrist and whipped me away to the airport in his chauffeur-driven car.

    • 2.2British informal (steal)

      birlar informal
      afanar slang
      volar Mexico Venezuela informal
      • What's really annoying, from a sales assistant's point of view is when you look for something on the system and it says it's there, but you can't find it (probably because someone's whipped it) and the customer often then takes it out on you and you end up having a horrible day at work.
      • Christmas is special in many homes, but not when intruders whip four garden gnomes.

  • 3

    • 3.1(bind)

      (rope/fishing rod) reforzar

    • 3.2

      (seam/hem) sobrehilar
      (seam/hem) encandelillar
      (seam/hem) surfilar River Plate
      • Not only did they listen while they mixed cakes or whipped seams, but they often repeated in concert and memorized much of what was read to them.

intransitive verbwhipping, whipped

  • 1informal

    (move quickly)
    I'll just whip out and get some cigarettes voy volando a comprar cigarrillos
    • he whipped through his homework hizo los deberes volando
    • She and I were laughing and joking as the car whipped round curves at 70 mph.
    • I was startled, and my head whipped toward the direction of the voice.
    • With the top down, Jake and I don't talk much as we whip down the road with nothing more than fields in sight.
    • People willing to spend about $80 will be able to whip through security at three airport checkpoints.
    • William whipped around each corner, and ambled down short staircases with such ease, it was a wonder that Virginia could keep up with him.
    • Lauren suddenly stood up and whipped around to face him angrily.
    • Suddenly the man whipped around, raising a gun to her head.
    • One of my first days in Hong Kong I came within about an inch of being flattened by a speeding Mercedes Benz that whipped unexpectedly around a corner.
    • He jerked upright, his head whipping around in her direction.
    • She whipped around the last corner and came to a screeching halt in front of his front door.
    • He reached into his backpack for black nylon rope which he swiftly whipped around the circumference of a nearby chimney.
    • As we came around a curve, a speedboat came whipping around the corner, soaking us to the bone.
    • Anyway, rant over, because this morning as I whipped down the road to get the Sunday newspapers I walked through my rose garden and discovered the very first rose bloom of spring.
    • Shelby heard it, and her head whipped around in his direction.
    • My head whipped up so fast I nearly dropped my notebook.
  • 2

    (beat, strike)
    the branches whipped back into my face las ramas se volvieron y me dieron con fuerza en la cara