Translation of whisky in Spanish:


whisky, n.

Pronunciation /ˈ(h)wɪski//ˈwɪski/

nounPlural whiskies

  • 1

    whisky masculine
    (esp escocés) güisqui masculine
    • We take our water and mix it with malted barley or grain to make a drink called whisky.
    • Maymond later told officers he had had six cans of lager, a bottle of whisky and had smoked a joint.
    • One night Stephens mixed a vast quantity of sleeping pills with a bottle of whisky.
    • He took a sip of the whiskey as a waiter placed a tray of appetizers on their table.
    • I found the only thing that numbed the pain was whisky, so I began drinking a bottle a day.
    • A single blended brand can contain as many as 75 different straight whiskies and neutral spirits.
    • They do have some local beers and whisky and a range of soft drinks and juices, however.
    • J&B Rare contains around 40 whiskies including the single malts Knockando and Tamdhu.
    • Vintner receipts show he bought dozens of bottles of cognac and a similar amount of whisky.
    • She knew when her father came in and she smelled the whiskey that this had to happen tonight.
    • Staff gave her a choice of gin, vodka or whisky, before she was given two cupfuls to drink immediately.
    • He did not follow a strict diet but cut out beer, whisky and cakes for the 40 days of Lent.
    • The winner will be decided on Sunday and sent a gallon bottle of Famous Grouse whisky.
    • Food-wise you can order Thai green curries or braised shank of lamb while the drinks, though pricey, run the gamut from fine cognacs and whiskeys to classic Martinis and shots.
    • Orkney's Highland Park whisky has come out top in a competition run by Whisky Magazine.
    • He went to the bar and ordered a whiskey for him and a screwdriver for her.
    • Vodka, though, continues to be the spirit of the hour, outselling gin and close to whisky.
    • She found a girl lying on a pile of clothes with a bottle of whisky in her hand.
    • The vodka and whisky is flowing and it's just about time to chill out on the sofa with a good film.
    • Over a whiskey in the bar at the Hilton Hotel in Wilmington we chatted about music.
    • My excessive nerves were rewarded with a hip flask and a half bottle of whisky.
    • Drinks range from fine rums and whiskies to brandy, while art works and coffee table books add to an ambience of exclusive sophistication.
    • When they returned home they took bottles of whisky and vodka back with them and another row ensued.
    • They had spent part of the evening with him at a local man's home where the host had produced a bottle of whisky.
    • Some of this will be directed towards America, which is set to become the largest export market for Irish whiskey in 2004.