Translation of white noise in Spanish:

white noise

ruido blanco, n.


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    ruido blanco masculine
    • The audio deserves a special mention as white noise and ethereal voices combine to create a disturbing atmosphere.
    • The sounds of many people talking becomes white noise, an everpresent hum.
    • This is an album marked by artful explosions of white noise and moments of utter chaos and collapse.
    • The movie ended, and the television turned to snow and white noise.
    • This pure static gives way to white noise that begins, eventually, to resemble a rhythm.
    • The scientists found that in rats exposed to white noise, the auditory cortex took three or four times longer than normal to mature.
    • But I did witness firsthand the fabled white noise that they pipe in to calm those nervous programmers.
    • It's got to the point now where there are so many signs that they blur into a background hiss of white noise.
    • Because white noise contains most sound frequencies, it is commonly used to mask other sounds.
    • She wears headphones which play continuous white noise or pink noise.
    • We live in an urban area and the amount of white noise and background energy moving through our area is large enough to warrant it.
    • As we chatted the background music crept up in volume until at one point it became a roar or stuttering white noise.
    • There is lots of white noise in the track - crackles and pops that indicate age and handling mishaps.
    • Use a fan or any white noise device that generates calming sounds.
    • As the sound mutates it becomes lost in a deep storm of white noise and becomes gravel falling down an endless scree slope.
    • Waves of chatter flowed from the city, decreasing to white noise.
    • What they found is that blocking the sounds of the operating room with white noise did not decrease sedative requirements of listening to operating room sounds.
    • The white noise - a random mixture of sound frequencies - help motorists judge where the emergency vehicles are coming from.
    • Near the end the mix becomes very hot, distorting at high frequencies and blooming into white noise around the edges.
    • The combined sounds were more like white noise than human speech, which made it that much harder for Sam to stay awake.