Translation of white sauce in Spanish:

white sauce

salsa blanca, n.


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    salsa blanca feminine
    salsa bechamel feminine
    bechamel feminine
    • Sauces made from tomatoes, onions and olive oil or white sauces made from soya milk and cornflour were suggested as an accompaniment to evening meals.
    • Serve with white sauce loaded with onions, and peas & corn on the side.
    • To make the white sauce, melt the butter in a saucepan, then add the flour.
    • Pizza Hut only recently eliminated chicken broth from its pizza sauce but still uses it in the white sauce in pasta dishes.
    • Accompanying both our meals was a dish of leeks in white sauce, sautéed potatoes with onion and lovely sweet, nutty roast beetroot.
    • As she entered the small kitchen she saw the stowaway serving plates of what looked like pasta with white sauce.
    • The book had no pictures, except on the cover, which showed a large roast of lamb, fish baked in white sauce accompanied by boiled carrots, and a mould of bright red gelatin.
    • Make a white sauce by melting the butter then mixing in the flour.
    • There are no substitutes for decent cheese or a good old-fashioned white sauce, and pasta is always pasta.
    • A white sauce is just a plain sauce that needs flavour added to it, but it is the base for any creamy sauce used in any cooking.
    • Mix the cooked pasta, tomato, white sauce, salt and chilli sauce.
    • More significantly, he is probably the man who first invented the famous béchamel or white sauce.
    • The whole thing is flash fried and served with a spicy, crawfish based white sauce.
    • Add white sauce to clam mixture and simmer 10 minutes; do not boil.
    • We serve ours with a traditional fluffy white sauce dolloped on each slice.
    • ‘I'd like some linguine in a white sauce with a side salad,’ I smiled up at her.
    • The plate was piled high with slices of beef, Chinese pork, prawns and vegetables such as broccoli and mushrooms in a creamy, white sauce.
    • The dish seems magical, but you only need a little basic cooking science to make one - it is nothing more than flavored white sauce folded into beaten egg whites.
    • On the numerous occasions I've been here I or my friends have eaten all sorts of wonderful Bulgarian dishes, such as stuffed peppers with white sauce, or fried courgettes with yogurt.
    • Usually, it is accompanied by potatoes, white sauce, and peas.