Translation of whitewash in Spanish:


cal, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈwʌɪtwɒʃ//ˈ(h)waɪtˌwɑʃ//ˈ(h)waɪtˌwɔʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1Building

      cal feminine
      lechada feminine
      aguacal feminine
      • The two main churches, the Nieuwe Kerk and the Oude Kerk, are serene oases of wood, brick and whitewash.
      • Never mix insecticides in ordinary lime whitewash.
      • In my own garden I have an old stone wall with remnants of whitewash that reflects the sunlight and heat in summer.
      • But Monty didn't stop his whitewash at the front door.
      • All his polychromes were thought to have been lost or defaced, until some of them were accidentally found just two years ago, hidden under whitewash and plaster, by a German film team making a documentary on the writer.
      • They were of an older stile, bricks and mortar peeping out from behind chipped whitewash.
      • Men dig the raw material in the mountains and transport it to their homes where women apply it to the house walls as whitewash.
      • These wall paintings were executed sometime during the later sixteenth century and covered with whitewash (rather than sanded off) in the seventeenth century as tastes changed.
      • The morning the debate on Hutton was held, demonstrators dressed as judges threw whitewash at the gates of Blair's Number 10 Downing Street residence.
      • Most Andalusian villages are white since whitewash covers the walls of the houses but only one itinerary in the region is called the Route of the White Villages.
      • The saddlebags had been brought from the stables and rested on a wooden bench near the washstand, already patterned with chips of whitewash flaking from the walls.
      • But no amount of whitewash and tarmac can hide Georgian society's deeper malaise.
      • Casts of sports trophies, a toy train, a saw, a football and a cross are some of the items embedded in the work, all of them rendered fossil-like by the lime whitewash.
      • Chunks of whitewash were missing exposing the grey material underneath.
      • A health education program is needed that explains the dangers of asbestos exposure and warns about the use of asbestos-containing soils for whitewash.
      • Lime whitewashes are very alkaline and cause insecticides to become ineffective in controlling insects.
      • Many of the buildings are faced with light-hued stone or stucco daubed with whitewash, the doors and window frames of some painted blue-the color for good luck.
      • Wall paintings in particular, once so abundant, have succumbed to decay, destruction, or covering over with whitewash.
      • The whitewash walls were in good repair but the roof was mossy and many of the tiles were cracked or askew.
      • Light spattered down the steps like whitewash off a sloppy painter's brush, but the splashes caught no one.

    • 1.2informal (cover-up)

      tapadera feminine informal
      encubrimiento masculine
      • With the Test series fast approaching, Fleming will be hoping for similar hands from the rest of his batsmen to prevent yet another whitewash at the hands of Pakistan.
      • Months later, in October 2002, the committee's Certain Maritime Incident report produced a whitewash.
      • Zimbabwe won the third one-day international in succession against Bangladesh yesterday for a 3-0 whitewash in the series.
      • In the arena of real sport though, Michael Vaughan and the England boys cruised to a whitewash 3-0 series victory over New Zealand.
      • Sri Lanka had their eyes on a series whitewash long before Marvan Atapattu called his players in with the Sri Lankan score on 375 for 7.
      • The obituary was the usual nostalgic whitewash.
      • Michelle thinks the report is a whitewash, and I haven't read it in enough detail to disagree.
      • Those who brand the Butler report a whitewash are talking nonsense to further their own political ends.
      • The ‘review’ is certain to be another whitewash.
      • We look forward to its conclusions, and trust that it will not be another socialist whitewash of the existing failed policy.
      • The president of Rats campaign group, Paul Dainton, welcomed the reports but said they were something of a whitewash.
      • But while the Springboks' stock has steadily risen since RWC'03, the Wallabies have been going in the opposite direction after suffering a Tri Nations whitewash for the first time.
      • The University's first response to the allegations back in 2002, under the previous Vice Chancellor, was largely a whitewash relying on a report from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.
      • This followed earlier whitewashes of Heworth and Bootham, the other two teams in the league.
      • Even within the 3 - whitewash in Australia, there were glimpses after Perth that this Pakistan is not as ready to roll over as previous sides.
      • There are a lot of people saying this was a whitewash designed to protect them in an election year.
      • Both agree the report was essentially a whitewash.
      • For starters, van Buitenen wants to make sure there is no whitewash of the corruption cases he exposed in 1999.
      • Graham, Goss and Shelby all defended Snider, with Shelby declaring he is ‘not going to be associated with any whitewash.’
      • Ronnie O'Sullivan admitted he had not scaled the heights against Alan McManus despite claiming a 6 - whitewash.
      • At the time, Elisse Hategan, a prominent defector from the Heritage Front, slammed the report as a whitewash.
      • Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath had predicted a 5 - whitewash before the first test.
      • Roland Garros has not seen a player so dominant in a women's final since Steffi Graf's whitewash of Natalia Zvereva in 1988.
      • The only better run is by West Indies, who won ten successive Tests against England in the course of consecutive series whitewashes in 1984 and 1985-86.
      • He was not a patch on the hitherto unsung Michael Kasprowicz, who bowled with fire, bounce and zest during Australia's 3-0 whitewash of Sri Lanka.
      • However 28-year-old Duggleby had to work a little harder in the 6-0 whitewash of Northumberland when it took a last hole win to see off the challenge of Julie Ross.
      • In other words, the media report is a classic whitewash.
      • South Africa avoided a series whitewash with a 65-run win over Australia in the rain affected final limited overs cricket international at Newlands here yesterday.
      • But there was a growing backlash from supporters of the BBC who claimed Lord Hutton's report had been a whitewash.
      • This journalist unhesitatingly labels the report a whitewash.
      • It was left to Vaughan and Andrew Strauss to calmly complete the victory by adding the 46 runs required to complete victory and keep England on course for a series whitewash.
      • Doherty had to produce a performance akin to his 8-0 session whitewash of John Higgins earlier in the tournament if he was to have a chance of achieving one of the greatest comebacks in Crucible history.
      • As the hearing opened, there was further evidence of a whitewash to protect more senior officers.
      • Jack's, always near the top of the table, finished the season in third place after a 10-0 whitewash of Tippy's 2.
      • So this limpid, adorable film is also a tough, matter-of-fact portrait of the everyday, not a sentimental, redemptive whitewash.
      • ‘The families feel we are the victims of a whitewash and a cover-up in order to protect careers of certain individuals,’ he added.
      • Bubwith's Cliff Harrison and Jill Schofield were the top performers in both matches, including two whitewashes in their match against York, to end the night with 33 games.
      • With the Frank Worrell Trophy in the bag, a series whitewash is looming large against a team that fielded only three frontline bowlers in Trinidad and has seemingly abandoned the art of wicket-taking.
      • At stake for them was avoiding a series whitewash and getting a record winning chase total.
      • They were accused of a whitewash, and the voters expressed their contempt at the ballot box.

  • 2informal

    paliza feminine informal

transitive verb

  • 1

    (building/wall) blanquear
    (building/wall) encalar
    (wall/building) enjalbegar
    the graffiti had been whitewashed over habían tapado las pintadas con una mano de cal
  • 2informal

    tapar informal
  • 3informal

    darle una paliza a informal