Translation of whole in Spanish:


entero, adj.

Pronunciation: /həʊl//hoʊl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in one piece)

      she swallowed it whole se lo tragó entero
      • the vase was still whole el jarrón todavía estaba intacto
      • Don't have a whole chocolate bar, stick to a couple of pieces and an apple to fill you up.
      • The animals are then served whole in coconut milk and are consumed in their entirety.
      • Close attention is needed to piece together a whole, but it's worth it for the the range of writing.
      • The bread contains nibbly, whole pieces of grain which have the reputation of damaging fillings.
      • It includes whole scenes, footage, music and assorted bits and pieces left out of the original.
      • When you've done the sums, the rainforest is actually worth more whole than in pieces.
      • A whole piece of chicken may frighten them away but a chicken wing keeps them content.
      • Stir in the squash and lightly mash with the back of a fork, leaving some pieces whole.
      • Ethylene evolution was determined in whole leaves, and thereafter in wounded discs.

    • 1.2archaic (healthy)

      • To be healthy is to be whole, and without unification of the mind, body and spirit, a person will fall ill.
      • You express and share feelings, also help others to feel healthy and whole around you.
      • Discover your true, whole, healthy self!

  • 2

    • 2.1(entire)

      there's a whole bottle left queda una botella entera
      • he drank the whole bottle se tomó la botella entera / íntegra
      • they've eaten the whole lot! ¡se lo han comido todo!
      • three whole days tres días enteros
      • I've been here the whole time he estado aquí todo el tiempo
      • the whole (wide) world el mundo entero
      • the whole individual el individuo en su totalidad
      • the whole truth toda la verdad
      • whole wheat trigo integral
      • Height, weight, hair colour, the way they walk plus a whole host of other factors allow you to identify them.
      • The hard questions are: what do we need, how much do we need, and are the ads telling the whole truth?
      • Then he sized up the two Irish reporters, figured they could take it, and told the whole truth.
      • I am afraid that a whole country, an entire people, will be destroyed for nothing.
      • The whole process from walking through the door takes five and a half minutes, without even a hint of a rush.
      • You may walk the whole way to Monatore bridge and back, a distance of just over two miles, or else do a shorter walk.
      • The truth is that the whole system will be bankrupt if we pay for any medication for the elderly.
      • Both of these might have elements of truth, but they can hardly be the whole truth.
      • I quickly joked that if he spent whole day walking around flapping his arms, he would not be fat either.
      • After a while we began a gentle ascent of the Little Homer Saddle, the only climb in the whole walk.
      • Projecting growth over a whole century for the entire planet is just plain silly.
      • Surely that is their job, to be independent, fearless, and tell the whole truth.
      • He had not told me the whole truth about what the relationship was.
      • We walked and spent the whole evening last night nattering about him.
      • The whole idea that the entire country took to arms with pitchforks and scythes is also a fallacy.
      • I don't think the whole truth has come out and I don't think it ever will.
      • Networks are easy to set up, thanks to improved software that walks you through the whole process with wizards.
      • This means having a train station in Shawfair town centre within easy walking distance of the whole population.
      • It includes a whole host of guided walks that will help people understand and enjoy some wonderful local attractions.
      • In truth the whole evening was testimony to the benefits that can be accrued from Transition Year.

    • 2.2(emphatic use)

      I was beginning to get fed up with the whole affair me estaba empezando a hartar del asunto
      • the whole point of these meetings was to … ! ¡lo que se pretendía con estas reuniones era precisamente … !
      • there's a whole body of opinion which opposes it hay toda una corriente de opinión en contra de ello


  • 1

    (integral unit)
    todo masculine
    the parts that make up the whole las partes que forman / constituyen el todo
    • the whole of sth
    • the whole of the morning toda la mañana
    • the whole of his body was covered in sores todo su cuerpo estaba cubierto de llagas
    • they lost the whole of their savings perdieron todos sus ahorros / la totalidad de sus ahorros
    • a threat to the whole of mankind una amenaza para toda la humanidad / para la humanidad entera
  • 2

    as a whole
    • the situation has to be seen as a whole hay que enfocar la situación como un todo / de manera global
    • the business is to be sold as a whole el negocio se va a vender como una unidad
    • this will affect Europe as a whole esto va a afectar a Europa en su totalidad
    • on the whole en general