Translation of wholesale in Spanish:


al por mayor, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhoʊlˌseɪl//ˈhəʊlseɪl/


  • 1

    al por mayor
    wholesale price precio al por mayor masculine
    • wholesale price index índice de precios al por mayor
    • wholesale trade comercio al por mayor
  • 2

    (destruction) sistemático
    (destruction) total
    (slaughter) sistemático
    (condemnation) absoluto
    (rejection) en bloque
    wholesale cuts in the budget recortes radicales / drásticos en el presupuesto
    • Like thousands of others in this devastated city, this woman has lost all her wares and livelihood, in one terrifying morning of wholesale destruction.
    • English Heritage also warns today against the wholesale destruction of old homes as part of efforts to regenerate the housing market in areas such as South Yorkshire and Hull.
    • That's the frustrating thing, it's how patient I can be without making wholesale changes.
    • Whether that responsibility means wholesale changes remains to be seen, but as long as Butch James stays at fly-half Montgomery will play - if only for his goalkicking ability.
    • Distraught by such wholesale destructions, Shenoy started salvaging whatever he could.
    • For some reason, the wholesale destruction of property is considered a tolerable way to traditionally celebrate the New Year in France.
    • The stories of this wholesale destruction from farming folk in Cumbria once again illustrates the affinity between man, animals and land.
    • This iteration builds on what was achieved in its predecessor, without making wholesale changes that could alienate fans of the original.
    • At worst, the outcome could be wholesale slaughter on a scale that makes the current level of daily mayhem look like the peaceable kingdom.
    • At the time, however, Old Beijing City was seen as a symbol of feudalism and eventually the Liang & Chen Plan was shelved, resulting in the wholesale destruction of hutongs.
    • Second, Irdial's editing may have been sufficient ‘selection and arrangement’ to give rise to a copyright in the whole track, preventing wholesale verbatim copying.
    • The beauty of privatization is that new forms of organization can be introduced into public education without making wholesale changes to public education itself.
    • Pohl recognizes that we cannot address that eclipse by calling for a wholesale, indiscriminate recovery of an ancient and pre-modern practice.
    • And most of all, protection is urgently required from the wholesale destruction of every last vestige of Nature in our lives.
    • Rather than institute wholesale radical changes, pilot projects in small geographic areas could determine feasibility of a variety of models.
    • Endless images of wholesale destruction and the war machines that brought it about blurred the boundary between reality and fiction, the normal and the horrific.
    • And until Government starts properly funding schools, they will always struggle to keep out this tiny minority who can cause such wholesale destruction.
    • Indeed, the Gigg Lane men enjoyed the lion's share of play for the first 60 minutes and only let it slip after making wholesale changes for the last half hour.
    • From the point of view of making an impact on the reader, however, extensive and sometimes wholesale editing would have helped.
    • The problem is that, amongst other things, their designs require technologies and materials that don't exist, in fact wholesale leaps in the bounds of Science.


  • 1

    (buy/sell) al por mayor
    • Small shops such as Cuds and Cuddles, Pacific, and Bubbles buy most of their merchandise wholesale from Accra's bigger boutiques and stores.
    • Sometimes, the overwhelming desire to buy in bulk, shop wholesale, or to purchase fashion items that co-ordinate in a very serious way, remind me that I'm Jewish.
    • I'm not a distributor, but we do sell wholesale, and I know how big a pain in the neck small orders can be.
    • A mile away is Chowpatti Street in Old Delhi, where traders from all over India buy and sell wholesale.
    • One of the privileges granted to them was the right to sell their wine wholesale, free of duties.
    • If the drug's active ingredient sells for $5 / dose wholesale, that's a $150-million cargo.
    • Selling the pies and pudding wholesale was something else she had to consider.
    • One sample costs $113 per foot wholesale, and a 16-by 20-inch frame uses seven or eight feet of moulding.
    • I can get my vanilla wholesale from there.
    • Many of you have complained about buying supplies retail, and selling crops and livestock wholesale.
    • Meedac staff member Raymond Merritt with some of the produce sold wholesale to Geraldton and Perth.
    • In addition, Flashy Foot Wear sells flashy shoe bags, shoe slide protectors, and accessory bags, all of which can be purchased either retail or wholesale.
    • Zhao who sells fruit wholesale in a nearby fruit exchange market now confronts losses almost everyday.
    • He stated that an ounce, being 28 grams, could be purchased wholesale for $1,200 to $2,000.
    • Selling to retail stores or selling wholesale is another option, if you're willing to take less money, but usually for larger quantities.
    • As well as selling from their own shop, the Ramsays run a mail order business, sell wholesale all over the country and to department stores such as Jenners and Harrods.
    • Other farmers sold their milk wholesale, in 40-quart cans, and that was it.
    • Bulk chemicals were bought wholesale from chemical supply companies to make developer and fixer for black and white, as well as color processing.
    • Retailers wanting to buy Antec products wholesale should contact Altech Computers.
    • In 1869 a Jesse Peel took over, installed a brewing plant and also sold beer wholesale on a dray.
  • 2

    (on a large scale)
    de modo general
    the same rule cannot be applied wholesale to every case no se puede aplicar la misma regla a rajatabla a todos los casos
    • these practices have been going on wholesale esto ha estado ocurriendo de manera sistemática
    • they rejected the proposals wholesale rechazaron las propuestas en bloque

transitive verb

  • 1

    vender al por mayor

intransitive verb

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    venderse al por mayor